After ten years, Brady won the prize again

At 8 a.m. Beijing time on July 19th, the ESPY awards ceremony was officially opened. This award ceremony is mainly to set up various awards to reward athletes and teams who have performed well in sports arena in the past year. This award in the sports world and its gold content is comparable to that of Oscar, or the Grammy Awards of the music festival. NFL, the most popular sports event in North America, is the most popular Award for each year’s best NFL athletes. In today’s ESPY best NFL player award, the winner of the award is the quarterback Tom Brady of the new England patriots!

This was the great Tom Brady’s second best ESPY NFL player award since 2008. In this best NFL player’s selection, Brady won the award for the best player of the NFL, Todd – gray, the best defender Aaron Donald, and the star player Antonio – Brown. The whole 2017 season. Tom Brady, 40, has shown a completely different age from the start of the season, 3 in the early season and 5 in the Dezhou, leading the new England patriots all the way, and Brady led the Patriots to 13 – 3, the top of the United States League. The rankings of the son, the whole regular race Brady spread 4577 yards and 32 array, only by 8 times, pass rate up to 66%, the quarterback score 102.8, the season MVP, the best season for the season, selected all star professional bowl.

Tom Brady is known as the first person in NFL history, and Brady is on NFL, like Michael Jordan, like NBA jerseys, and we can’t comment on how great Brady is in NFL. Only a wave of awards and nominations, like a tidal wave, can reflect his achievements a little. Brady has ruled NFL for nearly 20 years without any expert, with a sixth round of the sixth round of the 199th – round show, and looking back over the past season, Brady is no doubt a great best explanation for almost no one in the world’s body at the age of 40. It’s still on the top of a sport, which is what Tom Brady has been doing for 18 years from 2000 to 2018. At the ESPY award last year, Brady led the Patriot 25 points to reverse the Atlanta falcons Award for the best of the year, and he personally lost the best NFL player award, and this year, with the excellent performance of Brady’s whole season, the best NFL player of the ESPY will be able to give at least to the cloth, even if he failed to take the super bowl. RedI is a little consolation.

Since the founding of the ESPY awards in 1993, there has been the award of the best NFL players jerseys. The following is the list of the best NFL player awards.


2014: Payton – Manning, quarterback, Denver Mustang

2015: Aaron Rodgers, quarterback, Green Bay Packers.

2016: Kam Newton, quarterback, Carolina Panthers

2017: Aaron Rodgers, quarterback, Green Bay Packers jerseys.