Who would have Everyone has broncos thought, graduated from Beijing foreign manning jerseys orange their own language, English 8 class cousin will choose to do the airline stewardess. This time last year, she came to ask me, you say, to the bank teller and do all over the world to fly, should I choose?

These options are a little far off. I can only say, what kind of life do you want?. Yes, ICBC means stability, and you’ll have more room to grow as you grow older. Airline stewardess is not the same, in the first half of the occupation, you can get a higher salary than their peers but the occupation to idle away in seeking pleasure, the second half have to rethink the way.

However, the girl had a heart to see the world.

A few months later, her wish, Frankfurt, Melbourne, Tokyo, Seoul, Stockholm…… She said, the advantages of language soon let her stand out in the group, quickly get the opportunity to fly international routes.

She looked at the small train in Germany lamented the problem of aging, stepping jerseys direct supply on the sand in Gold Coast, Melbourne, I think of the girl’s grievances and growth over the past year.

For the first time to Tucao, the customer hit her bread. The airline’s bread is hard, she has been explained, eventually became a customer punching bag. I asked, how did you do that? She said: I picked up the bread into the workplace, go after, tears begin to underground. I sigh, the girl has a good professional spirit.

The second time to eat together, she said, her evaluation is not like 90″. Huh? You seem to be very reliable. She is happy, the key is that we are too self as a princess. For instance。 There was a problem with the toilet on the plane during a flight. The air hostesses all cover the nose to stand, how can this do? In fact, everyone knows what to do, but no one is willing to come out. More and more people watching Restroom cousin at the door, and went in through the. The problem is naturally solved, her name has come, female man.

Peers can tell a lot of reasons she was discouraged, she can tell the person the advantage of professional, I want to say is that everyone has their own opportunities that you finally get the chance prequel, not drop hit you, it won’t fall on your body, just because the qualifications and the qualifications of the key is, if you get good grades in the non test state, so when the opportunity comes, you can direct the exemption admission.

Is always jerseys different size out there are a lot of talking about the prequel.

XXX was so cruel to yourself. Just to the unit, follow the team to do the project, originally is a cipher, the end of the project has become a top seed. You said a little girl, what chores do at night, directly to sleep on the sofa, so placing children, do not rush to where.

There are those who practice, a very wonderful things to do. He could have done it, and he had done it for everyone to remember. The result of the matter is very simple – this is not his opportunity, the critical moment for him to add points.

A wise man will say, my energy is limited, so targeted, do something meaningful to achieve the goal. But, do you really think that those who work in the field to climb, they do everything, know what they can harvest?

What I want to say is that they planted only a possibility”. In every case, they are required to use a high level of their own, when a high standard of inertia, those who deal with, just pass, or did not get a high score, in the first place here. They may not be aware of when it was planted these possibilities, but, more species, the probability of harvest is also large.

Many people will think that it is only a possibility, why do I have to pay so much energy? Or, I just do what I can see. So, from the recent results of those things, and blocking a group of people, look at fiercely as a tiger does. In every moment may show, but they prefer to keep myself busy. This is probably a lot of people the opportunity did not write because of the prequel.

At last, talk about my classmates. The things she did in college, we don’t understand the nerves.

For example, on Friday night, the girls were busy eating and shopping, but she was busy learning English corner. There are some international lectures in the school. We are all back row spectators. She always sits in the first row. Finally one day, we found ourselves different from her – she sat on the stage, we are still cheap jerseys online under the stage.

Every international lectures, non English majors, she is doing my translation. It is worth mentioning that, in the process of translation, she met a lot of foreign university professors, each other has added to her eyes. As soon as she graduated, she went abroad.

This episode written too wonderful and without a trace, as many years later we are still under discussion, she is much too active to do, or the heart has been ruler. But in any case, this is a chance to get high marks a prequel to instinct.