As we all know, it takes exercise the broncos home jerseys a color endure hardship lot of hard work to do anything, and the process of doing things is often a hard and tedious process. I have done a survey of successful friends around, and found a very interesting phenomenon: 75% of these friends come from rural areas. In China, the proportion of college students in rural children is much smaller than urban children, but the success rate is higher than urban children. Why is it easier for rural children to succeed after they enter the society?

One of the reasons I find out is that rural children are especially hard to live with, especially children from poor areas. In addition, rural children have endurance, which is probably related with farm work experience: do farm work need to continue to do it, because cheap jerseys online to God and against time. Remember when I was young, every time when busy is often too tired to sleep on the ridge, wake up to do, is to rob and God that a few days time, because the days if not grab down, the crops will not grow well in the future. Therefore, the children grow up in the countryside have the spirit of endurance, endurance, as long as the final goal, it is easy to succeed.

Of course, I’m not saying that children in cities are not easy to succeed. I just said that under the same conditions, the success rate of children who eat bitter is higher. But now the children in rural areas jerseys supply center have been very different from before, hard-working spirit and endurance are not as good as before, because now the children are mostly only child, parents are sometimes spoiled. Many Chinese parents do not know how to cultivate children, it is easy to spoil the child. But society is absolutely ruthless, you are at home by the parents do not mean that you go into the community will be spoiled by others. In this world, only your parents will love you, love you, and take care of you unconditionally. Once into the community, no one will see you as a child, you have to rely on their own.

Therefore, when we are in college, we must consciously exercise their ability to endure hardship. Sometimes, a little thing you do can change your view of the world. Now, the traffic is so developed, you fly to any place in China only two or three hours. However, flying over 2000 km is nothing to you. On the contrary, if you travel 300 kilometers on foot, there will be unexpected gains. You don’t ride a bike, ride a tractor, or take a car, you don’t have to use all the traffic, and as far as you can, you can go to the countryside for 300 kilometers. You do not need to go too far every day, as long as 20 km walk on the line, then the next 15 days, you will find their outlook on life may be completely changed. This section of the road will let you know what is hard, let you know hard implies a lot of fun, let you know there are many people in the world are different from you, let you know the nature is so cute, let you know what it is cold in the rain, let you know how China rural and mountainous areas poor. Go all the way down, you will gain far more than you imagine.

When I was jerseys Free Shipping in college, I used to ride a bike around half of China, really tired, but very happy. University of the third grade when I had tuberculosis, for half a year after discharge from the hospital, rehabilitation and half the time, I do not know what to do, so I decided to use a bicycle to travel around. Sometimes, I get up in the morning on the bike to go forward, walked less than 1/3 of the way to feel particularly tired, but according to the itinerary, I have to reach a place every day, so do not want to ride a ride. I feel so proud every time I stick to a strong will to my destination. Every place, where the scenery, the scenery on my head, and encouraged me to go to the next destination. Life is to continue to pursue this way, the pursuit of the front of the more beautiful and unknown, all the way to eat more bitter, to reach the destination of the greater the joy of harvest.