An old couple First-class browns jerseys will live frugally wiki cabin ticket to support 4 children grow up. Rush years, they have been married for 50 years, has an excellent income of children, is to negotiate with the secret to what kind of parents wedding gift.

The old couple love together to go to the seaside to enjoy the sunset, the ship voyage tourism love children decided to give parents the most luxurious, so the two old people enjoy wandering around in the sea of beautiful style.

The old couple with first-class cabin ticket aboard the luxury cruise ship, the ship can accommodate thousands of people to make them greatly. And there are more swimming pools, luxury nightclubs, cinemas and so on, it really makes them feel surprised.

The luxury is in want of perfection, the cost of the equipment is very expensive, under the thrifty old couple not contemplate their travel, think carefully, really do not want to consume easily. They had to enjoy the five star in the suite of equipment in the first-class cabin, or hang on the deck to enjoy the scenery of the sea.

Fortunately, they fear the ship food appetite, carrying a box of instant noodles, since it can not afford to eat on board the luxury restaurant’s fine dining, but to eat instant noodles to eat, jerseys direct supply or change to the ship’s Western-style food, pastry shop and buy some bread and milk.

The last night of the voyage, the old gentleman think, if after returning home, friends and neighbors asked how to ship food, himself could not answer, is justified. After discussing with his wife, the old man simply ruthless heart, decided to go to the dining room on board at dinner time, anyway, is the last meal, tomorrow is the end of the voyage, but also not afraid to spoil themselves.

In contrast to music and candlelight, celebrate the anniversary of the old couple seemed to return to love happiness. Drink a toast in laughter, the meal time is coming to an end, the old gentleman still called the waiter checkout.

The waiter politely ask the old man: “can I see your ticket?”

The old man I could not help but angry, “I’m not sneak aboard, eat a meal will have to see the ticket?” About, he took out the ticket.

The waiter took the ticket, took the pen and in many spaces on the back of the ticket in return for a. At the same time, surprised to ask: “old man, you go on board, never consumption?”

The old man is angry, “I do not consume, what is your concern?”

The waiter will patiently jerseys from china ticket delivery in the past, explained: “this is the first-class cabin ticket, the voyage on board all consumer items, including restaurants, nightclubs and other activities have been included in the ticket, every time you need to produce consumption tickets, we are behind the blank note by pin.”

The old couple think eat every day voyage and tomorrow will disembark, instant noodles, can not help but relatively silent.

We ever thought that in that moment we came to the world, God will have the best first-class cabin tickets to us. Yes, we can physically and spiritually, can enjoy the most luxurious treatment, as long as we are willing to show their tickets. Many people in his life, just like to eat instant noodles by general life. This is not their tickets, but they did not think of to use, or do not know the value of the tickets.