Just after the Losangeles rams lost to the New York giants before long,Fisher Geoff on the past successful experience and have a good summary, especially for the lessons of failure, you think carefully when I sleep too at night is deeply in love, think actually got much more useful than you read a book because some books are far from you for you. That is to look at his past writing with Atl Falcons New Jerseys

. The rams coach Geoff Fisher answered questions about the team’s quarterback Cass – based issues in the conference.

The veteran quarterback of the game came 4 interceptions, one opponent was completed a touchdown run back.

When a reporter asked about the team may change with the quarterback candidate, Fisher did not give any relevant information about Jared Gove, he said: “we insist on the use of Cass. We will take over in position to make adjustment, and then the quarterback position.”

The fact that four steals in at least two should be to catch the ball, the most painful time, the maximum pressure, when the mind only one thing, I put the branch manager to the hills at the foot of the north gate of the place, guest house, and then closed in that place. We will criticize criticized me, criticized the three days and nights, I felt that is very useful. The last one is apparently steals tactical communication problems and take over the quarterback. To change the consumer idea, also difficult than the sun; but it is not possible to the present age, correct strategy decision after the details of the factors, there are many details of the treatment is not good, your strategy right will fail, do not just look at the spire, the two or three line of the market more than first-line management ruthless, people love

The first voice of hope gove is very high, the so-called talent, is that you give him a thing, he made; you gave him a thing, he made the difficulties you have never thought about it now, you know it is not difficult to retain core team members have proposed to resign and, since put forward, he will be gone. But the rookie’s pre-season performance and the performance of the training camp is not enough to qualify him to play. If there is no price advantage and the absolute advantage of technology, do not enter the Red Sea market, otherwise you will lose no doubt! Do the chain business, be sure to do a fool version of the marketing manual and management manual, the only way to achieve a long distance management.

Then do a store from your big success is not far away, so your first step is down-to-earth and concentration to make the first one, is to give up the chain, not in the future how to do the chain do too much dream, to make the first stand on solid ground, so for now it should ram think of a way to help his running back Todd karli. The national market, we must first do a test market, to be a little faster, shall not be made, really; to do the national market, to fast half step, not slow! Junior high school level and post doctoral no difference as long as you can do, I have been this point of view, do not care about education, as long as the ability to make a contribution on the line

As we have failed, at least have failed before, should always learn something from inside at a time when success is to learn something, in times of prosperity, when successful, not the heart to sink, summarize something natural is very false things only failure. Summarize the lesson is profound, is really