He asked me, “why do you want to do this?” he asked me, “why do you want to do that?””I said: “I’m Five years later you look down afraid my future side is a group of my most hated people, are wholesale Az Cardinals Youth Jerseys own afraid to live like that, a burst foul language, aesthetic and love you all day long, dirty broken house in the rental room, greasy hair porn, always look so narrow.”I don’t allow myself to live like this.A few days ago, asked a friend of twelve years:When you work hard, to what extent?

She said: “when preparing GMAT every day at five a.m. in the morning, a day late never sleep. All big 4, I’m sorry to hand out money to the home, in order to GMAT test money, even if the winter is also seven points to go when the tutor to make money, come back to continue to learn brush math brush to a two point. If you are Az Cardinals Youth Jerseys tired, Baidu keyword search inspiring movies and songs.”

She finally said: “tired to do not want to talk to anyone, just want to reach the goal.”

Later, she got admitted to graduate study in the Az Cardinals Youth Jerseys United states.

I think of just a freshman, she said she was very sick of wasting time, to the weekend on the house in the dormitory to see films, want to seek change, the impression is quite profound, she said she wanted to go to the United States to study.

After a lapse of five years, she said goodbye to her Az Cardinals Youth Jerseys hate, but more importantly, she was successful.

Do you still remember your dream five years ago?

I remember my dream five years ago.

I graduated from high school, the high school best buddy said: ” Five years later you Az Cardinals Replica Jerseys look down after the University, I want to be the best creators, each week in national magazines,wholesale Az Cardinals Youth Jerseys own newspapers must have at least one article, I would like to write a lot of songs, and even micro film shoot, and of course the most important is a book in the university. And, like Han Han, on a blog, a lot of people have been affected by me.”

Five years have passed.

Every week can be published in the national press, I finally do before Az Cardinals Youth Jerseys graduation, and the rest of it?

I often silence, think of eighteen years old, why do you have the courage to say your dream so loudly?

When I was in high school and wrote more than and 70 songs, I put the scores Az Cardinals Youth Jerseys neatly written transcripts, put in the home, convinced that he can become a good songwriter. But I don’t seem to have touched the piano in the last one or two years.

In fact, the University spent a period of time, that year, in a bar, all day at a loss, nothing to do. Now in retrospect, this is what I hate most of the year, if that year as last two and a half years hard, I will not go to achieve your dream?

Think of last month, I almost said bitterly: “I am almost twenty-four years old, published the Az Cardinals Youth Jerseys first book in my life planning should be twenty years old to do things. I don’t want to drag on, it’s too late.”

It’s too late。 It’s really too late.

In 2016, I finally saw the publication of the first book of the signs, I finally put my self Az Cardinals Youth Jerseys made some popular media. Perhaps, the publication of the novel may be wasted, and ten thousand people’s attention is not too much, but at least, let me in the fifth years of the tail, live up to five years ago the young dream, said.

Cattle more than the above I said in the young when the big, the wind blew, there are Az Cardinals Youth Jerseys many very fantastic ideas, but after five years of I, iron the heart will say, big cattle come true.

Otherwise, I really would look down on myself.

I can’t waste a little more time.

I always think of myself five years ago, the arrogant young, even though the time Az Cardinals Youth Jerseys is so powerful, so now I five years ago and completely different character from one extreme to the other extreme twist, but, regardless of how the cheap nike nfl jerseys character changes, I clearly remember my heart always boiling things.

When I was in the office, I wrote it.

“Don’t worry about what others think of you want to live my life, if you can not create what I will feel lived a.”

To do something, for me, is really too important.

Don’t blame your dreams for the time, but don’t put the blame on the reality. Has Az Cardinals Youth Jerseys never been a matter of time, is to dare to let go of the problem, so love the matter a second do not delay.

It is not realistic, if you just because of the fear of cruel reality quietly give up, that is because you do not love the dream, the reality as a shield to fantastic.

Sorry, you have a fantastic age.

Five years, it’s like a circle. I slowly realized what I had said, some of the late, I Az Cardinals Youth Jerseys am very sorry, I can not let the next five years to continue to regret.

I want to devote all my energy to the things I love, not for a second. Five years ago, there are too many people that I tell some fantastic tales after five years, I still can tell some fantastic tales but the dream come true.

I am more disillusioned – – – –

I don’t need the approval of others, nor do what prove myself, I just love, and to Az Cardinals Youth Jerseys love something, so simple.

I want to become the person I want to be, so, all the obstacles to achieve my goal, I want to cut off the heart.

This is another world in my heart, I don’t allow anyone to trample on, I have to keep