When the first Focus grade primary school teacher said, children, after coming home, remember to put the text words, each word carefully write an article! When we go home, the first thing is online shopping not thought to play, not want to eat, but really seriously put the kids oakland raiders jerseys text behind those words written. As we mall to buy grow older, we have our own ideas. After school, we don’t think the teacher said, must finish the job seriously; also remember mother asked, after school to go home, not to play too much. We are attached to the roadside flowers grass, cats and dogs, so and so parents gave him to buy a new toy, watching cartoons when they want to go to the amusement park, writing homework when thinking about eating ice cream……

Time flies, in the blink of an eye, you went to college. When the professional course, you quietly put the mobile phone hidden in the text below, when the teacher assigned small paper assignments, you go to Baidu copy a few put all sorts of things together. You say, from today, you have to carefully back the Atlanta Falcons Womens Jerseys word, for a grade four. You are carrying a word, a friend’s phone call, so you followed them to play the game. In a flash, CET four is really coming. And then, you find that the words you recite always stay on the first page of the first. When the final exam, you fail the exam…… When you came home, my mother asked how you failed your exam. Mother hurried to ask, would you like to take you to the hospital to do a physical examination? You have a guilty conscience, no, no, eat nutrition is good.

Second days, your mother got up early, go to the market to buy you for soup bones and fresh fruits and vegetables. However, when you eat, you said that the soup is too greasy, you do not want to drink. Oh, you always do things seriously, sometimes FIB, even when he was scolded for sympathy. Delicious fun, mixed time after a period of time, you began to be confused. You think you are not learning material, is not to go out and create a business; you think is not to marry a rich husband, have a child, when a young hot mother, from a happy life.

However, young you, if you feel confused, why don’t you try to change your current situation? Why can’t you be consistent and dedicated? When, in the growth of this road, we gradually have had the best of the quality – focus – lost it? When we start to learn to think, to learn to think, when we learn to do our best for everything, when we learn to be absorbed in our hearts and minds, our lives may not be the same. Mother stuffed rice wine is always very popular, people who have tasted the taste of the wine is very sweet. And the reason is so, because in every process of brewing in the process, the cheap nike nfl jerseys mother is very attentively and focus.

Wine is a selection of home made rice the highest quality rice, when cooking Steamed Rice, regardless of temperature or temperature have a good grasp. Most especially, brewing water than ordinary tap water, but you can directly drink this water, have a sweet taste, which is why my water for tea is especially refreshing. I have seen the most attention to the mother like wine, her apron at the side of the stove was busy. When making wine, the mother like a simple manual artist, with a pair of hands to produce a special taste of wine. In fact, learning is the same, need to concentrate, concentrate on.

Before I was 20, I used to like three minutes of heat, until I started to write articles. I remember one author once wrote: when you really want something, you radiate is the kind of energy of the vibration frequency, and then the whole universe will unite to help you get what you want. When I am able to exclude interference, not afraid of the outside world noise, to be able to calm down the heart, the keyboard beat out of a text, that moment I was focused. When I was able to read a book and think about it for one or two hours in a row, I was focused on that moment.

When I was able to write their articles to read several times, proofreading typos, add delete, repair the words, that moment is not to mind taking the trouble, I focus on. Later, I finally understand, so when you focus on doing something, the effect will be obviously good, what you want, and you will be eager to accidentaly across. When you pay more attention to the focus, to invest, inadvertently, you will encounter the better yourself. Focus, you do one thing in earnest, and do it with all your heart. Focus is the quality of the practice of every young man.