The strongest hand of the football family

From North Carolina State University Bradley Chubb was born in the football family. If you look at this year’s draft, you will find another one from University of Georgia, named running Nick Cha B, who has attracted much attention. This is not what happens to name the coincidence, in fact, the two Chabu is the cousin of the relationship. Bradley – Charles’s father was the star line guard at the University of Georgia, and his brother, Brandon – Charles, inherited their father’s talent and went to the Wake Forest University as a line guard. However, of all the people mentioned above, no one’s talents and abilities are close to the protagonist Bradley – Charles: at any stage of the draft – the college football season, post – season, post – test, and job hunting day, Charles is considered the top 5 selection of this year’s show.

Bradley Chapple: the strongest football family jerseys rushed on hand

Basic player information

Name: Bradley Chabu

School: North Carolina State University

Grade: Senior four

Height: 6 feet 4 (about 192cm)

Weight: 269 pounds (about 122kg)

NFL official website template: Chris Lang

Prediction: the first 10 CIS

Data in the last year of University: 72 tackles,jerseys nfl china 26 of which resulted in the loss number, 10 kill and 3 times.

Anthropometric data

40 yards of sprint: 4.65 seconds.

Bench press: 24

High jump: 36 inches (about 0.91M)

Long jump: 107 inches (about 3.07M)

20 yards reentry: 4.41 seconds


Nachab was once compared to Gareth, the top champion of last year, but in my opinion, though he was excellent, he could be the best player in the show this year, but it did not reach Gareth’s gaping talent. In any case, we can see a team early Chabu picked on the first day of the draft. NFL is never too much for the punching hand, and his college play has convinced NFL teams that he can play an early role in the league and become a “professional bowl” regular in his career.