I played rugby in Lhasa at 3650 meters above sea level.

Hello, everyone. My name is Chi Le Pingtuo. I graduated from East China University of Technology in 2017. I work in the Human Resources Department of a state-owned enterprise in Lhasa. My favorite stars are Lynch and Kickley. My favorite team is Seattle Eagle.

Rugby was first seen at school when the flag football team was recruited before taking part in the training.

Once I trained myself to catch the ball and run to the field. When the defender pulled my waist flag, I subconsciously guarded the ball with one hand and pushed the defender with the other.

When I returned to my dorm, I turned on my computer to search for rugby, which was a “return road” to rugby.

In the first semester of college, we began to prepare and equip the rugby team. The size of the team ranged from the first four to the 23 when I graduated. The team scored from the bottom of the League to the top four in the league.

East China Polytechnic University Terminator American Rugby Team is the most precious memory of our university. It has set up a group to discuss and even subsidize the construction of the current school team.

Before touching rugby, I was playing basketball. Any team sport pays attention to cooperation, but rugby is the best way to bring cooperation into full play: if any point in tactical cooperation is wrong, it may not get the best effect, and serious mistakes or even ball drops will be caused.

But don’t be frightened, because rugby is so inclusive that anyone of any size can take a place in the team.

Tactics is one of the most attractive parts of football jerseys. What I remember most is that in the second half of 2017, we met a school in the playoffs. If we lost that game, my college football nfl jerseys career would be over.

When I returned home after graduation last year, my contact with rugby was only on the computer, because there was no Rugby organization on Lhasa’s side. When I feel itchy, I watch the videos of the previous college games over and over again, and sometimes I’m thinking: I may not be able to play after that.

That mood is not the same as Lynch’s feelings after he played patriot’s Super Bowl?

Later, several friends talked to me about rugby. It happened that they had touched the waist flag in junior high school. So I hope we can carry out some Rugby activities together in Lhasa.

Well, let’s start with the waist flag. At the beginning of this year, we organized several training sessions. Then a vague idea appeared in my mind. I immediately discussed it with several team builders. I decided to hold a football match in Lhasa in the summer of 2018. It’s called Pioneer Bowl.