The story is not long For children, but for the children, please set people thinking, let the story on the first day of school, teacher standing in front of the fifth grade students, said a lie. She buy Authentic Baltimore Ravens Jerseys looked at her students and said that she would every student equally Aibanli. But this is not possible, because it is free shipping a little boy sitting in the front row, his name is Li Dehui. Zhang Li found that simply can not be compared with other children to play together. His clothes are dirty, the body is not clean, but do not welcome. Zhang’s love in his paper with a Red Cross Red strokes.

Later, Zhang teach school required to review each child’s past records teacher, she put Mike’s file on the last to see. However, when she looked at the file of Xiao Li’s time to eat a surprise. Xiao Li’s first grade teacher wrote: “Xiao Li is a clever boy, always with a smile. The homework was neat and polite, and he brought joy to the people around him.” Two grade teacher wrote: “Xiao Li is a good student, deeply loved by the students, but he is very upset, because his mother’s illness has been to the late, family life difficult.” Three grade teacher wrote: “his mother’s death was a heavy blow to him. He tries to do his best, but his father’s sense of responsibility is not strong, if not take some measures his family will have a negative impact on him.”

Four grade teacher wrote: “Xiao Li is withdrawn, is not interested in learning. He doesn’t have any friends, sometimes he sleeps in class.” At this time, Mr. Zhang was aware of the problem, she is ashamed of their behavior. The teacher’s day, when the students gave her teacher gifts when she is ashamed. The students are in bright colored paper gift wrapped, tied with a beautiful ribbon, Xiao Li is not alone. His gift was wrapped in a thick kraft paper bag, which was pulled from the grocery bag. Mr. Zhang made great efforts to open the present.

It is a crystal stone bracelet, above crystles has been lost, and a bottle of toilet water is only 1/4. Some of the children began to laugh, and she stopped them. She loudly praised how beautiful this bracelet only ah, and it is worn on the hand, the wrist still rubbed some toilet water. The day after school, Xiao Li said a word only: “teacher, today you smell just like my mom as before.” After the children left, she cried for at least an hour. From that day on, she no longer studies how to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, but to study how to educate children.

Zhang Li began to pay special attention to. When learning with her, his brain becomes more flexible, and the more she encourages him, the faster he will react. To this year at the end of the year, Mike has become one of the smartest children in the class, although she said all the children loved, but Mike became one of her “”. A year later, Mr. Zhang found a note in the door, Xiao Li is writing, he told her that she was in his life met the best teacher. Six years later, Zhang and another note from mike. He said he had graduated from high school, grade third in the class, she is still the best teacher he met in his life.

After many years, Mr. Zhang received a letter, the Li said, had to get a bachelor’s degree, he decided to stay in the school, he said, Mr. Zhang is still the best teacher in my life met. But now the letter signed became longer: Dr. Li Dehui. The spring of that year, Li came a letter, said he was going to get married, he did not know whether Zhang willing to attend his wedding, and on Mother’s seat on the groom. Of course, Mr. Zhang went to the. She wore the lost crystal bracelet, special spray that Mike mother used toilet water.

Both teachers and students to embrace each other, Dr. Li Dehui whispered in his ear: Thank you, Mr. Zhang, thank you very much for letting me know I can make a difference. Zhang tears, whispered: Mike, you have it all wrong, you taught me, until I met you, I didn’t know how to do the teacher. Hope to pass this story to all the teachers and educators. In this story, we see an effective education system, looking back at the student’s annual reviews.

We saw the good teacher’s responsibility, she had to complete the work, and think about her past work, the more valuable is that she has a love, willing to do something. With practical action to give the child the greatest encouragement. Mr. Luo Jiahui once said: the Chinese people can give a large contribution to the stranger, but not for the people around him to help. Mr. Zhang gave her people to help, is a real positive energy. For a child, the teacher is so important, they need the teacher’s love. If you are moved, please let love go on……