At that time, For the browns white jerseys I have just started to all in frustration work, there is no lack of passion, the work is also very beautiful, Department Manager Lao Qiu to me quite appreciate that I have his youthful demeanor – in fact, he was only forty years old, just the right age.

Qiujingli farmers who graduated from high school he joined the army, in the remote mountain Wowo inside the service, by chance is seconded to the military, but is still a grunt. With his qualifications, you want to get a promotion or to volunteer qualification, difficult.

Seeing the demobilization of the day is near, the old Qiu anxious. When he joined the army, is to seek a better development opportunities, if they go home, the so-called dream, it is impossible to talk about. If someone else is likely to encounter such a situation, or is trying to find a shortcut to beat a retreat, and the old Qiu has no such conditions, he can only rely on their own hard work and meticulous, is.

Rural children of the simplicity and perseverance will become the old soldier Qiu capital, old Qiu in attendance over, took the initiative to start a service: the early one hour a day, and the whole jerseys supply center building will be spotless, even the head on the desk of each cup, also clean, and make full of tea. No one asked the old Qiu to do so, and no one in the old Qiu consciously done all this, to make a commitment, as there is not a variety of strange voices, I did not ask, Lao Qiu did not tell me, but the effort behind the loneliness and hardships, is not difficult to imagine.

Demobilization of the day is approaching, the old Qiu can do or as usual serious attendance, seriously do service work. The number of volunteers to turn down, the name of the old high impressively in the column, some people questioned the qualifications of the old Qiu, the chief replied: “he is the most diligent I saw the most serious soldiers, we do not leave such a person, who to stay?”

I know the old Qiu, he is the company’s most senior human resources division, this type XuSanDuo experience, laid the starting point of his success.

These years, whenever setbacks or not, I will think of the old Qiu’s story, the taste is more long, the more feel that this is true.

There is also a colleague, also let me admire.

When I went to television later, received the task tricky – to visit is a modest gentleman, he usually reclusive, almost not dealing with the media, naturally inconvenience interview.

The deadline is approaching, is still unable to contact. I can only try to hold the mentality of the past, to the old man’s work unit”. An enthusiastic colleagues see my lack of confidence, I volunteered to luezhen.

Blocking people is a required course. We go all the way to find the old man’s office, asking him to accept the interview, bluntly rejected the old man. When I left, I clearly felt that he was holding my hand, almost sent me out of the door.

I rarely encountered such embarrassing situation, in the heart thought of other participants, and soon do second sets of plans, back to discuss with colleagues, she tossed her head, put down a word: “we’ll go tomorrow!”

At that time the weather is not good, even a few days are heavy rain, we dripping through the wetlands to come to, the result is the slightest jerseys china factory warmth No: Mr. or on a business trip, or only in the mountains, the clouds”. Can not find the old man, we had to start from the upper and lower sides. I keep finishing background materials at home, colleagues responsible for on-site dundian. A few days later, the data collection is available, the old colleagues have also been colleagues, a number of times, and some of them promised to give us an interview outline, and some also secretly to the old man’s cell phone number to us.

Finally, a After rain the sky looks blue. a cafe in the afternoon, not far from our home in the old gentleman, about the success of the interview. () we found that talking to old man, he was seriously looking at our interview outline, we also know that the days of the “block” experience, it seems Kung Fu people say, not at all.

When I finished the interview, thanks to the firm and indomitable colleagues, she tossed her head: “what is this, before an interview with a famous scholar, he refused me 18 times, I wear him 19 times, we finally became a friendship between generations.”

“Zheng Guofan” said: “the whole life to grow in frustration.” Perhaps really want to learn something, harvest a little experience, it should be faced with adversity, not hide.