In the afternoon of March 2nd,nfl jerseys china chairman Zhou Jinhui came to the club, to mobilize the battle before the new season is about to embark on the journey of the club, Zhou Jinhui hopes the team can play all season, will showcase the best spirit to Beijing fans.


Although the club has held the new season in February 26th Zhuanghang will, but Zhou Jinhui and the players meet more like an internal mobilization. In the past, the national security every game before the game, the chairman Luo Ning will be a mobilization for the players, but also came to work for the team off. This nfl jerseys wholesale time, Zhou Jinhui chose the team to start the day before the team came to Guangzhou, after the team had finished training lunch, held an internal meeting for the team.

The first time in the face of Guangzhou Evergrande, which is the national security team has never encountered in the past. Zhou Jinhui also wants the players to relax and play the best spirit in the game.
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In the team, Zhou Jinhui also mentioned the bonus program, this year’s winning prize on the basis of last year, some of the promotion, the team hopes to pursue more victory. The current program is to win a 3 million yuan, flat at $900 thousand, while the establishment of a winning streak, if the winning streak of three bonus. However,cheap nike jerseys in two Lianping, if the ball is not flat to the bonus, it is hoped that the team can go to win in the draw. In addition, the FA Cup winning prize is also 2 million, if the final win to reach 20 million yuan.