From van chase, forecast half season jerseys MVP for the 2018 season.

Renewal of the NFL arena began a few years ago, and the reshuffle reached its climax in 2018.

The game is nearly half way, and the young players in the van count west account jerseys jerseys for more than half. We’ve listed some of Van Tessi’s highest points this season, excluding Ryan Fitzpatrick from the game’s Van Tessi averages (only four starts, resulting in a particularly high average), and using Van Tessi’s total points to predict the next half-season MVP.

* Gordon didn’t play in the regular season seventh weeks, and averaged 6 matches. The rest of the other 7 games went through the rest of the week.

It’s the 15 players with the highest average and total points in seven weeks of the regular season, with three outsiders, six quarterbacks and six runners-guards, and five of the top 10 runners-guards. Is it possible to say that the era of running guards is coming again?

With Karim Hunt as the boundaries, the top scorers were above, and below were the players who had taken turns but had higher field averages. There are also points like Camara and Gordon, who can still dominate the top 10 Super runners-up despite a one-game break or injury. In this form, most of the players are in the rookie contract period, but they occupy the top ones early.

The legendary elite quarterback was Bliss alone; Trubisky, who was treated as an aquarium last year, revived the team’s style of play after a change of coach; Newton, who has been criticized, quietly jumped to the top of the table with the help of running guard McAfee this year.

No. 3 Sequeen Buckley’s becoming the best rookie in the half of the season can be said to be a nail in the nail. nfl mvp jerseys Gerley and Maholmes will divide up the honors of the best offensive player and the most valuable player.

Todd Gerley, the Rams’main runner-back, deserves to be the league’s best player when his team’s second-grade quarterback, Jared Golf (averaging 20.24 per game), does not perform well.

Patrick Macholmes, the new Chieftain’s starting quarterback, was the best player in the United States.

Gerley’s single-digit defeat over Macholmes was a laudable honor as a runner-up, especially as the Rams had seven unbeaten games and looked better than the Emirates 6-1. As we all know, winning rate is also one of the important indicators of MVP evaluation, various data show that Gerley is expected to become the half-way most valuable player.

However, van West data is not the only reference index. Over the years, the MVP selection, quarterback occupies a larger proportion than the runner-up, after all, the team attacking the brain, Macholmes as an amplifier to increase the upper limit of the offensive group, we can find in the form of two new Chieftain Hunt and Hill.

If you look at the schedule of the two teams, it is not difficult to find that the Chiefs nfl jerseys cheap schedule is more intense, the only defeat is also away from the Patriots 3 points. Though it is a blemish, it does not affect Holmes’s personal ability.

Last but not least, the half-way MVP may not be a good thing. There is a saying among NFL fans that “the heat must die”. Being an MVP in an extremely competitive NFL League means being the target of everyone’s research. Rigorous wage cap restrictions prevent the possibility of star clubs. The strength gap between teams is more from the management’s operation than the individual player’s upper limit.

The MVP sounds like a great honor, but the Super Bowl is the ultimate dream of all players. If I am a fan of the rams, I certainly hope that Ma Holmes will win the throne of half MVP.