2018 season jerseys sales forecast: I’m afraid this is a “changing day” season.

After a long suspension period, the NFL 2018 season is about to return to the heat next week, when I made a prediction of all 256 regular season games, this is a complete analysis and prediction of the 2008 season:

Sales of jerseys in eastern United States:

Patriots lost a lot during the off-season, but eventually the lean camels were bigger than horses, which allowed them to win 10 + games and get the seeds of the higher ranking of the entire league. The other three have been rebuilt to varying degrees during the off-season, and Bill, who has made brilliant trades over and over again, is supposed to be more aggressive, but because of the schedule, it’s almost impossible for them to reproduce last season’s performance at the Black Horse, while the dolphins, who have made one-off signings, are likely to bottom the division.

Prediction of the performance: Patriot 12-4; Bill 6-10; jet 5-11; dolphin 4-12

AP sales in North District:

The Steelers have basically maintained the strength of last season, plus this season may be the last season for Le Vion – Bell for the Steelers, whether for brotherhood or for the next big contract, Bell has no reason not to exert all his strength. On the Crows side, if health problems do not attack, they can at least achieve similar results as last season. After a hard break in the off-season, Brown should be able to start winning some games.

Forecast: steelmaker 13-3; crow 9-7; tigers 5-11; Brown 3-13

Super Bowl Jerseys sales:

If the Jaguars and Rams go into the Super Bowl Jerseys, the Jaguars have a better match-winning style, and the Rams have the strongest armaments in the league. By contrast, the Rams have a more complete offensive team, while the Jaguars’passing offense is worrying, so the Rams are looking to win the Super Bowl. Whoever wins the championship is delightful. After all, nobody seems to want to see them in February except the patriots.