Former NFL star,Charles Rankin, Aaron Hernandez

Local time on April 19th nfl jerseys  morning, Massachusetts prison officials announced that the former NFL star, who was one of the murders and service life imprisonment – Aaron Hernandez, in his cell from the Dutch act.
At 3 in the morning, the guards found Hernandez in his cell he subsequently become unconscious, was sent to the hospital, was eventually declared died, only 27 years old.

According to the Correctional Services Department official Christopher Fallon said that Hernandez’s is a common cell for the highest level of the prison guard, he put the sheet around onto the window, a knot into his neck. Hernandez also blocked the door with a number of items, so that the guards can not easily open. Fallon said, Hernandez did not leave any form of suicide, the incident is still under investigation. They did not realize that Hernandez had the idea of suicide, or else he would be transferred to help regulate the mental illness of the cell.

In fact, just a few days ago, Hernandez was accused of murder in 2012 two by Daniel de Abreu and Safi in Boston Luo folta – many cases just finish the trial, because the prosecution to come up with insufficient evidence, the jury court announced that Hernandez was innocent. nfl jerseys china He is now serving, was convicted in 2015 of 2013, his friend, semi football linebacker Lloyd occupation of Odin’s murder. After winning a few days ago the trial, Hernandez also moved to tears, his lawyer Jose Baaizi told him, after winning the double murder, Lloyd’s murder may also appeal to success. So until his death, the future for Hernandez, in fact, is still very promising, but he chose to end his life at this time.

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After Hernandez died, Baaizi said in a statement: “Aaron’s family and legal team was shocked by his death. From two aspects of family and legal team, are not aware of any suicidal thoughts in the exchange with Aaron. Aaron is looking forward to a chance to prove his innocence. Love him and his loved ones are heartbroken about this, hoping to find out the truth. We require the relevant departments to carry out an open, thorough investigation. Baaizi firm also conducted its own investigation, when the harvest time, will be published in a timely manner.”

As a player in the NFL career is being arrested for murder, the final conviction of the players, Hernandez at the time to the shock of the NFL sector is unprecedented. His experience, however, is more likely for a rugby player to feel angry than to feel sad. In Connecticut, Hernandez grew up in Bristol, where the distance of the new England patriots Gillette Stadium 2 hours drive. When Hernandez was 16, his father, a man of good quality, died of illness. After his father’s death, Hernandez’s life has undergone a series of frustrations. His mother married a man with a record, the latter in a family dispute stabbed her, and Hernandez was in a full grown up around the petty criminals and drug trafficking in human environment.

May be to escape.