Today we continue the offseason star cheap nfl jerseys biography series, today we bring the Kansas City Chiefs star, the league’s top perimeter guard Justin Houston.

In January 21, 1989, Houston was born in Georgia, staatsburg University city. Unlike most of our players before the introduction of Houston high school in staatsburg, specializing in football, did not participate in other sports. Under his leadership, staatsburg scored high school in Georgia in the 2003-05 finals for the three consecutive year, and in 2005 to win the. Graduated from high school in 2007, Houston was named the new year in the country’s No. eleventh weak side defensive front, he chose a very close to the home of the state elite, University of Georgia.

At the University of Georgia, Houston is the first red for a year, at the start of the 2008 season debut. With high school, he began to play the outside linebacker position in the University, in the 2008 season he has a sense of relatively low, although the 2.5 sacks in the squad is good, but he had only 19 times the total grapple. nfl jerseys china online The 2009 season of his performance has been improved in the game against Louisiana in October, for the first time in the single game 2 sacks. This year he had 7.5 sacks and 15 negative yardage grapple in the southeastern Conference (SEC) season two team. The 2010 season, Houston has improved, in September the University of South Carolina with arch rivals in the game, he scored 2 sacks 1 times to make out the ball, played college career best performance. This year he had 10 sacks (second and 18.5 southeastern Conference) negative yardage sackin, selected the best southeastern league season lineup team, and gained nationwide recognition. After the end of the season, Houston announced to participate in the 2011 NFL draft.

The 2011 NFL draft, rushed from hand in which Houston is not a galaxy of talents, the most dazzling star, but also should be considered to be selected in the first round of the end. Unfortunately in the February test conference, he was broke in a drug test found marijuana, so go all the way down. The final until the third round of seventieth, he was selected for the Kansas City Chiefs began occupation career. The 2011 season of the chiefs, the year before, just get the division title, in their 3-4 formation, outside linebacker has a big kill, Harry, but on the other side but did not determine the main candidates. Houston seize the opportunity, although only a 3 round show, he still got the main position in the rookie season. Although the Emirates team in this year’s poor record, but Houston and Harry as the two ghost pat door combination has achieved great success, Harry was at a peak, for second consecutive years to get two digit sacks, Houston also got 5.5 sacks, including games against the Chicago bears in December at the beginning of the game, single game 3 sacks sign.