The manager thanked him for bringing the Super Bowl to Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Eagles jerseys had an incredible end to both seasons. Carson Wintz was injured last season and they won the Super Bowl under Nick Fowles. Wintz was injured again this season. The Hawks made a big reversal in the playoffs, and then beat the Chicago Bears in the wild card game. However, the Hawks’good fortune came to an abrupt end this week, and the New Orleans Saints regretted leaving the playoffs 14-20.

Being able to achieve excellent results is inseparable from the performance of two quarterbacks. Now Nick Fowles is eager to start, and Carson Wintz hopes to return to the Hawks in the spring. On Monday, the Hawks flew back to Philadelphia, where players cleaned their wardrobes in the locker room to prepare for the off-season. Facing the interview, Fowles and Wintz stood on the same carpet in the dressing room to answer the reporter’s questions.

Fowles said he didn’t think much about what to do next. After flying back to Philadelphia on Sunday, he was hungry and had pizza in the fridge all over his head. But Fowles admits that his next goal is to find a new job. “Yes, as I said, I like to lead a team.” Fowles said: “It was my first dream to lead the team and influence the dressing room. That’s why I play football, to influence my teammates and create a winning atmosphere.

Under the contract, the Eagle can choose in 2019 whether to activate the $20 million Fowles contract option. If the Eagle opts to activate, Fowles can also jump out of the contract for $2 million. This means that the option is in Fowles’hands, he can negotiate with the Hawks for a stable long-term contract, if not, this summer he can also enter the free market as a free agent. Almost everyone thinks that if Fowles enters the free market, he will be the best quarterback.

During his stay in St. Louis Rams in the past few years, Fowles was depressed and had once considered retirement. At that time, he did not know his future and was confused about the future, but now he is an important part of the Eagles team, he said he feels “energetic”. In five days, the former Super Bowl MVP will celebrate its 30th birthday. “Whatever choices I make, whatever contracts we sign, I would like to say that I have been in a dilemma for the past few years and have respect for this contract, as well as for the future.” Fowles said. “If I can’t find a reason to continue playing, then I’ll consider pursuing something else. But now, I really want to play. Standing on the court last year, I grew faster than ever before, and I began to understand the true meaning of this sport. My view of rugby has changed. I know how important he is to me. I want to be myself.

Coach Doug Peterson has a perfect offensive system to ensure that Fowles thrives in it. Although Fowles did not play amazing data, but his play has led the team to win a super level. After losing to the saints, Pedersen also talked about the future of Fowles: “I think how to praise him too much. Like I said, I am indebted forever for him, he is not a rookie but an expert, is a great quarterback. Philadelphia people will never forget he brought to the city’s super bowl.”

Wintz said he supported any future decision the team would make on Fowles, adding: “I only know two things: I love Nick, Philadelphia Eagles jerseys and I, Nick and Nate, like brothers, support each other. Maybe some things somewhere own doomed, but I think we can achieve success through their own efforts.”

Wentz admitted that his frustrating missed the playoffs for two consecutive years. This season, Wentz at fourteenth weeks and the Dallas Cowboys game back fracture, and then looked at Fowles to come forward, even for the 3 win in the playoffs. Similarly, in December last year, Wentz left knee anterior cruciate ligament tear. Two consecutive years were injured, Wentz realize maybe some people have him with the “glass” label.

“I know what other people think of me, the most important thing now is that I am looking forward to the next few years to prove himself, tearing off the label. I know I’m fine, once cured, will be moving in the right direction, in the long run, everything will be ok.” Wentz did not give a specific date for the recovery, but he hopes to be able to train together in spring training with team mate: “I suppose everything goes well, then I hope to start again in April. I think with the team and spend an entire offseason is very important, very important to us.”

Whether Wentz or Fowles, they have a long road ahead. Wentz there is no doubt that the future of Philadelphia, through cheap jerseys china the words of Pedersen and we can also get some information, maybe next year Fowles will be in charge of the other team’s offensive.