Thanksgiving Prize Room, genuine Jersey delivery!

In the first wave of Thanksgiving gift, all kinds of new caps and jerseys on the shelves of the mall have been swept away by everyone. Now there are only a few authentic NFL jerseys left in the mall of “Every Day NFL”. Don’t miss them if you want to start with your buddies! Now, “Every Day NFL” launched the second Thanksgiving gift! Next, let’s introduce what this boutique is about 6550

On Thanksgiving Day, the NFL will have three games:

Tencent Sports will also be broadcast live in these three focus events, and you NFL fans should not miss it!

In order to welcome the coming of the game, at 20:00 on November 20th, “Everyday NFL” will open three prize rooms, and three exquisite authentic team T-shirts will be given to all fans.

At 1:30 a.m. on November 23, the Detroit Lion will meet the challenge of the Chicago Bear at home. The Lion Battle is imminent. Every day NFL will accompany the fans to watch the match, and at the same time, it will open a room and send out a genuine T-shirt of the Lion Team. Don’t forget to take part in it.

At 9:20 on November 23, the Atlanta Falcon jerseys confronted of New Orleans saints. Whose home did the final victory fall? Let’s look forward to it. At the same time, NFL will open a prize room and send out a T-shirt of the saints’team!

Of course, in order to satisfy the falcons fans, we will open another room and send out a falcons T-shirt!

Just at 20 o’clock tonight, we will open three single-match five-man squad confrontation rooms, room CAP 100 people, 5 tickets admission, first come first served! uuuuuuuuuu Immediately occupied the pit! Winning the Jersey is right now.

In addition, from now on, every day to share the game room, lineup, reward or share private room can receive tickets for players to participate in the game.

Enter the room and click the Share button:

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