Often hear all Friends browns home full of complaints in jerseys don’t be confused the US, or not to be superior to reuse, or sigh underappreciated and so on, this phenomenon is particularly prominent in the young college students just out of the ivory tower into the society in. Inspirational Songs

Through 20 years of studying hard, win glory in battle, we walked into the dream of the University campus. Where we are full of youthful spirit, smug bloomer, pointing Jiangshan, passionate words, not kuaizai! In the Utopia of the university campus, we and a group of like-minded, the level of the students with a happy life. Where teachers are no longer afraid, they are more like our friends. Where our climatic and geographical conditions, compared with the outside of the cruel reality of the society, the university campus is a peaceful atmosphere, like a land of idyllic beauty!

Time is a cold blood merciless executioner, after graduation, we part company each going his own jerseys from china way back to the society. When the ideal in reality in the soil, not the Everything is going smoothly…

Some college students apply for civil servants, village officials, from the road to politics. The original is valiant, spirited going to do a big business, all blueprints are also in the picture is good, as if everything seems to be with extreme ease. However, things are not as we imagine, the first thing at work may be clean and run errands. So we are like smoke cooker – confused, with a whine and complain. A college friend left the post to say such a thing to me, he is a county administrative organs of civil servants, usually is the main work of cleaning, issued documents, and do not touch the basic business, leadership arrangements on business never work for him, but to the unit’s old comrades. One thing, it is a deep blow to him.

On one occasion he volunteered to help a colleague to copy the leadership of things, after he had been filled with joy to the printed material to the leadership, the thought that the leadership will certainly give their own points. As a result, he did not think of the leadership is not yet he turned around and asked other colleagues to check his printed material is not a problem! When he heard, as wuleihongding, strong sense of insult fill every cell of the body! He is a key university students do not highly skilled work, actually will be questioned! He felt a kind of never had a desolate and deep confusion, do not know cheap football jerseys where to start… I believe my friends like the experience of a few people, they enter into the society from the high clouds fell on the cold hard reality of land, this fall can not light, already in my mind a beautiful blueprint for the good moment being torn to pieces…

So, they began to whine, began to complain, also began to confusion… Classic sayings

At this time, they are thought to have been on the road to walk in the sun, can walk on the road and found it seems to have unwittingly entered a dead end… Faced with a high wall in front of them, they are at a loss, began to doubt and complain! My young friends, tears, pray is to save ourselves, China history comes alive, bloody show this everlasting truth! Chinese in the world to stand up but not by self pity, self-reliance and hard work! The face is not given by others, but earned on their own, their own hard work, success with extreme ease. The country is so, and so are we! If we do not succeed, it does not matter, do not complain about not sad, but we do not good enough, or not the opportunity to. Before this, we should adjust their mentality, not head, feet hand – but, from reality, to do a good job, and through a variety of ways to improve themselves, to enrich themselves. The so-called threshold, the last step is the door, not the last step is the key in his trap. We must dare to be in the way as a stepping stone to success, it has become a stumbling block stepping-stone.

A girl I once complained to me, she want to participate in this essay units, but their chief refused her, ready to arrange for someone else, she felt very depressed. Yes, she does have a reason to be sad. However, from another point of view to think about this issue, the leadership is also reasonable, what is so important to a job largest discount jerseys to let his heart is not the spectrum of people?

Before you sell yourself to others, you have to sell yourself one hundred percent. If the girl through the usual efforts in a variety of newspapers and magazines published a number of articles on the Internet, her leadership will not notice her? Will not recognize her talent? Let the leadership trust you, respect you, not by our brag, but rely on our own strength! No one will give you the opportunity to let you fail again and again. We have to rely on the opportunity to fight for and grasp, and let others see our strong strength, which leads to the most favorable weight on the road to success. Positive people will see an opportunity in every crisis, thus turning the crisis into a turning point.

If we want more roses, we must plant more trees.