Zhang Yuqi was from the age browns jerseys born in 1987, 29 this orange of a new height year, will soon enter the age of 30. After the cause of the peak trough, experienced a constantly changing emotional life. This time, to return to the public eye of Zhang Yuqi, the United States out of a new height!

From the first day of the new year, mermaid released to the present, a full 15 days, Zhang Yuqi has occupied the topic list, hot search list. But now, her fame, the first 30 years of life was kankankeke.

Zhang Yuqi, whose real name is Zhang Shuang, my parents divorced, live together with my mother.

In 2003, Zhang Yuqi admitted to the Shanghai Theater Academy Affiliated School of film and television professional opera drama, learning vocal music, dance and performance, in the face of the upcoming foreign students 15 year old daughter, mother just said to her: “don’t do things wrong, the life, the life will not do.”

Zhang Yuqi admitted to the school when the drama also can not afford to pay tuition, her mother in order to scrape together tuition, their dowry are selling jewelry.

2005 was a lucky year for Zhang Yuqi. She in the KFC in advertising with a smile, let Stephen Chow move the heart. At that time, Stephen Chow in Hongkong saw the ad immediately called aides, pointing to the TV screen, said: “to help me find out the girl.” A few days later Zhang Yuqi got a call, “Mr. Zhou wants to see you.” And then she took the chance in the thousands of beautiful girls interviewed.

In this way, the 18 year old Zhang Yuqi Stephen Chow signing star company become a new term “star girl”.

Since becoming a “star girl” after her film, continue endorsements, worth also in the rapid surge. 22 years old, Zhang Yuqi starred in the Stephen Chow film “Yangtze River No. seven” in the corner of a jerseys Free Shipping female teacher and overnight fame.

Stephen Chow is also good for her, not only is carrying, also specially in the movie “jump out” as Zhang Yuqi tailored role, so that two people have to raise a Babel of criticism of sex scandal. But in 2010, with Quanan Wang’s film “White Deer” announced the boot, Zhang Yuqi and Zhou Yeh Naoqi to end the lawsuit.

Zhang Yuqi said don’t mind a “star girl”, but don’t take her name on it “my name is Zhang, not surname star, my name is Yu Chi, and not a girl”. In this way, the termination of the lawsuit for more than 2 years. Finally, Zhang Yuqi officially in October 2012 with star’s surrender, set up a personal studio. But Zhang Yuqi has appeared in the 2010 “White Deer”, won the Berlin International Film Festival Best Actress nomination. The film also let Zhang Yuqi cause love double harvest.

In April 18, 2011, 46 year old Quanan Wang and the age of 25, held a wedding ceremony, Zhang Yuqi. As for Zhang Yuqi Quanan Wang the prodigal son return home, or even send represents 86 years of Zhang Yuqi’s birthday is August 8th 8.688 carat diamond ring, once love, all the world to see.

But good times don’t last long. In 2014 Quanan Wang Zhang Yuqi went to New York to work as prostitutes were arrested, the scandal known to every family their past happiness instantly turned into a bubble. In July 2, 2015, Zhang Yuqi published micro-blog: “time is a round jerseys direct supply world, edge rotation. In the life of the carving, time is filled. Separate away, but also regret to stay for a while. You may wish Woan.” In July 3rd, Quanan Wang micro-blog confirmed the divorce: “I and Yu Chi has agreed to a divorce, amicably. Thank you for your four years of marriage. I wish a happy life Yuqi career, find the happiness in your life partner.”

Looks and body, three days is doomed, seven points or rely on hard work. And when Wang Anquan got married, Zhang Yuqi was greatly reduced their work, do their wives, but do not want the husband has not derailed, after work, can be described as “Starryland bleak”, until this year in China two degree cooperation “Mermaid” before she was again returned to the public eye.

In fact, in the angle of Yeh “Mermaid”, think this role must belong to Zhang Yuqi, but because once the dispute and hesitation. But when he asked Zhang Yuqi for an invitation, Zhang Yuqi didn’t even think about it.

Although Zhang Yuqi and I break up, but when people criticize Yeh, Zhang Yuqi vouched, said: “another super good, good care of me, he is a conscientious director, is also a professional actor. A man of character is a genius.” Perhaps it is because of Zhang Yuqi this attitude, to try to send her Yeh invite the thought of it.