Know there’s a lot of Give you boys cleveland interesting questions browns jerseys a “expert” road are, “how to be a great person”, “how to look at the annual salary of one million, the heat of the post that” opportunity “to explore the crowd which may rise above the common herd is the most heart today demand. In this Chinese are earning game era, this question, however, behoove confidently, I always feel that is not accurate enough, before the crowd to become the universally recognized “expert”, we still have a problem to solve.

“The Brain” one phase of the protagonist is a gifted climber, he can remember all the rocks and route on the wall, then he blindfolded, as long as you can name some route, he can climb from memory blind. His ability to applaud the audience, but in telling his story, he said he was ready to give up climbing. Because he has a wife and a child, because of the need to engage in rock climbing, his work and income is not stable, ready with his wife to his home to find a rock under pressure to give up ordinary work and live, that when he painfully tears……

Before the TV I also painfully shed tears. This is a look just like the American Super Junior version of reality. In U.S. each specific function, control of the future of human abilities of youth in the understanding of their ability, but also can not over time to use, both for yourself and others is not the same as deeply distressed. He may be the Macross moment drift, but often wake up his neighbor lying on the floor, because of his ability to use imperceptibly in the dream, this let him in life are often denounced as Sichuangminzhai thief; he may be able to see through people’s mind reading from china jerseys different size ideas, in daily life often because of hearing too sharp, too much information, and by the people around said to be autistic…… The future of youth, everyone has their own “special skills”, but they are not found in national institutions and training before, all are the people in the other, they have more than ordinary people, looks like a freak, wonderful.

Suddenly one day, moment, drift mind reader respectively received a phone call, a group of agents, took him to a secret base, where they found a group of people like themselves, they know their own identity, to know their ability and mission is different from ordinary people, they will be involved in saving the world the task, so far, they bid farewell to the crowd, also bid farewell to you want to be an ordinary person’s idea, involved in the secret training, learn to control their own special abilities, is the difficult task of sharpening, again and again to eventually become a human superhero.

This is the drama of the classic plot. I spent so much time to tell the story, just to create a complete journey: how does one know yourself, accept yourself, play their own process. The difference before and after is how to treat their own body is different from ordinary people that energy, its attitude actually determines whether you can become a powerful person!

Inside each of us have different energy resources, there are a lot of psychological testing you don’t like people, you feel, or jerseys free shipping direct supply value type or the other, but different people have different types of energy. For birthday, everyone is with a magnetic field, you were born when heaven and earth the sun and moon in the galactic alignment of the magnetic field is given, so as the human when you initialize, your life will be given traction magnetic force. You are a goldfish, grow beautiful color, you are the caterpillar one day will become a butterfly, a seed of who you are in your life, originally buried in the inside of your body, a look at the field of missing, take you to the life of the unknown. This is the law of nature.

Life is determined by heaven, in essence, is the difference between human and human endowments; by artificial, that is touched the hand set the case, how do you play cards. English said that a person has a certain talent, that he has gift, God gave him this gift. In fact, God gave everyone a gift, the key is that we use it to trouble themselves, or face it, accept it chose their own destiny.

A profound philosophical problem is the philosophical background of modern society is the “scientific transformation”, the natural transformation, let us Sturm und Drang, all natural environment into the artificial environment, it was all safe and convenient, so let us on inertia destiny is the same with my choice I clung to dominate and I can control my attitude, but in addition to this, there is another kind of philosophy is, accept yourself is “the chosen”, rather than nfl jerseys from china the fate of the people. But this philosophy tends to make us more successful.

This is the “surrender” to a larger force. Just surrender feel we are so strange, we were filling the broken chicken soup inspirational thought, as long as their own efforts but not all over the difficulties. However, to do a good thing, first choice is to do the right thing, followed by the choice of the right way to do things, is hard work. So, correct assumptions about their life, self control feeling, from the master controller turns into the listener, from adaptation, “until you have a mission with great power comes great responsibility”, this is probably the most difficult part of the way to become expert.