“I want to go beyond Give youth wholesaler ma!” In for nike nfl jerseys an expensive dream the graduation party, when Gao Lei say this of his dreams, everyone thinks he is tell some fantastic tales. However, only 4 years later, when the thunder once again appeared in front of people, he is a Suzhou registered capital of more than ten million Internet company boss.

Gao Lei was a poor student, when he was a sophomore in high school, a car accident changed the situation at home, not only the father was seriously injured, but also carry out more than 20 yuan of debt. As a result, he was admitted to the University by virtue of the green channel specially designed for poor students. In the summer of 2005, he alone carrying heavy baggage to the Soochow University reported that only 1000 yuan.

From that day into the university gate, decided to thunder on their own, not to add to the burden of the family. To this end, he put off stall, worked as a tutor, opened a laundry, established a shopping website. Special construction site, let the thunder have learned a lot of knowledge. No money please people do “, relying on cheap nike nfl jerseys self-study Gao Lei head into the Fireworks, the Flash software of the world. To understand the problems of professional, Gao Lei often stay up until three in the morning, sometimes even have time to eat. Although this site later because there is no management experience of failure, but Gao Lei future business to lay a solid foundation.

After graduating from college, Gao Lei after careful thinking, decided to venture. Then, he carries 20 thousand yuan in the school hard to save money, once again embarked on a new journey.

20 thousand yuan would like to start a business? This again Gao Lei attracted ridicule. But he did not have the slightest sense of retreat, plunged into the market survey. This time, Taobao has a variety of shop is very popular, if you have to open the shop, certainly only a dead end. Smart Gao Lei, group purchase as a new form of shopping, in Beijing, Shanghai and other big city quietly to heat up, but this time, Taobao is vigorously for its group purchase site “Juhuasuan” to do publicity. Gao Lei eyes, think the opportunity came, he decided to do group purchase business, and proceed from his most familiar wine project.

Gao Lei spent 15 thousand yuan pay Juhuasuan with 6 thousand yuan deposit, and payment of web design fee. Then he wrote a sales plan authentic nfl jerseys, a contact with the previous understanding of the liquor dealers to find sources. Due to the previous Gao Lei done this sales work, so his sales plan is very practical, a wine dealer engaged in the import of wine utrans read Gao Lei plan book, promised to lower than the wholesale price of the price for his delivery. With Taobao’s free publicity, coupled with the dealer’s low supply, Gao Lei wine group purchase network as the first group of Juhuasuan, 15 days sold nearly about 20000 bottles. Sales reached about 1000000, he netted more than 20.

The victory, let thunder excited. However, when he was trying to utrans wine second scheduled group purchase, the other party has increased with the price, Gao Lei had to give up, instead of playing the idea of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs.

Coincidentally, when Juhuasuan and Hunan satellite TV to launch a show called “happy Taobao”, and the program group selected Gao Lei Crabs do promotion project. With this platform, selling 200 thousand tons of crab Gao Lei a summer, sales reached 2 thousand and 5 million yuan. Then, Gao Lei and registered in Suzhou poly Amoy Business Information Services Limited, Juhuasuan group purchase site of idle away in seeking pleasure into Suzhou, until now, his website just half a year, sales reached about fifty million.

Nevertheless, the mind is still very clear Gao lei. He thought, with the passage of time, the growing number of buy site, competitive pressures are increasing. To have great development, we must innovate. Through investigation and thinking carefully, Gao Lei found in Suzhou lack of investment in the park, park, and small micro enterprise financing, and social idle funds but I do not know where to invest. Thus, a larger vision of his brain formed. His jerseys nike nfl online registered capital of fourteen million, in the Suzhou Industrial Park, the establishment of poly money goods Internet financial services platform.

“Get money” Internet financial service platform, as a new research field, the main function is to provide including credit counseling, assessment, credit plan and other aspects of professional credit management and wealth management services for borrowers and investors. Although the company has just started, but the thunder is confident. He said the goal now is to create a new financial industry in the field of Internet Alibaba.

A reporter asked Wang: “just a few years, you will grow from a poor student to a well-known entrepreneur, what is the secret?” “Our starting point can be very low, but the dream cannot be low,” he said. Life will experience setbacks, but can not give up the dream.”