Years ago, I graduated Go all the broncos jerseys from a wiki direction of the sun prestigious Normal University in the city. At that time, because there is no “connections” of the house, leaving the city places had to be diverted, a remote village primary school to teach. Far away from home, I chose to live in.

Long hours of work, to feel increasingly tacky to the village teachers: they do not appropriately modified themselves, a beautiful jerseys supply center small suit actually with the pants worn together; female teachers are “cute” age, regardless of ages, both flat and round face, all her hair into a “big wave is” when the teacher is male; countrified, foot travel shoes are counterfeit goods, often a pair of stockings collocation travel…… The most let me disdain is that this primary school, in addition to me, there is no authentic normal graduates!

In the face of such a group of people, I always have a kind of foot base sense, pride and loneliness growing. But also strange mountain teachers inside a secular seems to lack a string, they still and I approached, and always spoil my child. They often gave me some good things, it is native to some country, such as the egg, pine mushroom, black fungus, wild vegetables, and occasionally send me a bowl of fresh stewed duck…… I usually take these items sold to Zhang uncle play, because some of the things I am not accustomed to eating.

Perhaps the mood is too depressed, because of my physical decline. Once, I finally fell ill, even a few days have a fever is not retreated, even playing a few needles are not good, trance all day long. This can be frightened unit leaders and colleagues, they all out, shift to take care of my jerseys china factory old teacher, several aunt class evening is not from around, brought me water, medicine and brush, wash…… I became a little girl in their eyes”. I heard a wild mountain herbs soaked in water to drink can reduce fever, some male colleagues will use the weekend to find himself deep in the mountains, then dried into powder for my research, on behalf of the tea. A temporary retired teachers in my neck hung a Taofu, is said to be evil…… In the care of people, my condition is getting better and better, a heart also gradually have the temperature.

After I was like a person, put yourself completely into the plain in the mountain people. I began to teach women some simple dress teacher knowledge, teach them of delicate makeup; I will use a large segment of the research time, take the initiative to the teachers on the teaching course, and the use of spare time for free counseling the children read and write; I also put a tape recorder he had brought and a box of literature books go to school……

From then on, I no longer put myself too far, but put yourself into the mountains everywhere a tree Vitex visible, wanton growth, timely flowering, elastic survival.

Later, due to the excellent work, taught at a primary school I was transferred to the city of license. Now, the big city life occasionally lustrous and dazzling flash in my eyes, but inside “natural person” to have not changed. I know, it is plain from the depths of the mountains in the heart took root, with this simple, I will be towards the direction of the sun along the way……

Any possible change in society is conceived in the changes of possible social habits. In today’s Chinese, people’s social interaction habits are a hitherto unknown historical changes, especially the emergence of micro-blog and WeChat two has the nature of the media carrier, the bond between people, communication, communication and communication has undergone tremendous changes. Let us look back at the description of the three processes of movement by sociologists and historians: the cause of the movement is the social habit of friendship or close acquaintance. The development of the movement is rooted in the habits of the group, and the weak links between the community and the party. The movement continues to be the movement of leaders to allow participants to form a new habit, a new sense of identity and a sense of ownership.

Author Montgomerie in the book a detailed description Wholesale jerseys authentic of the bus boycott really set people thinking. “Research shows that when a stranger is injured, people can sit on the sidelines, but when a friend is humiliated, our heart will anger over the heart of inertia, let protests successfully organized.” At the same time, when the strong link of friendship and the weak link of peer pressure, they can create amazing energy. At this time, a wide range of social change took place.” Today, micro-blog and WeChat is easy to build strong ties and weak links, if the relevant government departments in dealing with some of the complaints and vicious events to grasp the standards and standards, the consequences can be imagined. Based on these considerations, I think this is a politician or a politician worth reading.

Finally, I want to say is, “the power of habit” is really a good book, both for the individual habits for improvement, optimization of corporate culture, or social management services for government promotion, has very important reference value. Here, I would like to quote the two paragraph of the book as the end of this article.

Our life has a fixed form to some extent, but it is a collection of habits. Have the habit of real life, the habit of perceptual life, and thinking habits.