July 16th, the God only favors Premier League giants bills jerseys the runner Arsenal official website released a short film, in memory of a Vietnamese special “Man running” (runner). Titles so: every story has a hero. In this journey, the hero appeared – running Man the.

Short video released, the Vietnamese fans instantly swept the world. It was July 15th, and the Arsenal had just arrived in Vietnam, starting the second stop of their Asian tour. As a Premier League team, to visit Vietnam, is the first time. As a result, they arrived, immediately caused a sensation. A group of fanatical fans all the way to run, catch up with the idol of the bus. However, the road is very long, the speed is not slow. Many people after a period of time to give up. However, a young man has always insisted on.

It was a young handsome guy, twenty years on, dark complexion, hearty smile. Although the bus has been moving forward at a faster pace, but he runs the speed is not slow, always in a timely manner to keep up with. The young man kept smiling at the stars in the car, waving to them, and gave them a thumbs up. Inside the car, the players also continue to respond, issued a good smile.

This running picture infected every Arsenal player. They waved at him, smiling, and shouting. He can’t avoid wrestling. Yes, he was a lamppost and fell, he was a big tree and hit the head…… Every time he fell jerseys Free Shipping down, the stars gave a sigh of regret. But then they cheered again……

He didn’t know how many times he fell down. But he never stopped. Witnessing the process is full of passion, respectable young cheap jerseys online man running, fall, climb up, smile, and then run the stars to him in awe. All the players ran to the side of the car and sang a song to him: him up Sign (sign him)! Him up Sign……

Of course, this is a joke word, but, they know, the fans of the passion and passion deeply moved them.

He ran for five kilometers. He’s finally tired. However, he did not stop, but to ride a motorcycle, to jerseys different color continue his “dream” road.

He looked so tireless pursuit led coach finally made up his mind to stop the car, he opened a door to the jerseys china factory gate of dreams – he had with the Arsenal player zero distance contact opportunity.

The car broke out in an avalanche of applause and cheers. All the big names stand up and meet the new member they have just signed. Hug, photo, get signature. He and he sat side by side, a hand friendly ride in the famous star on the shoulder, the other hand is a rallying cry. Such a picture has become a classic photo of Arsenal and fans.

Striker Ji Lu took the process to complete the film down. When he put the video on Facebook, people all over the world are amazed at the lucky guy in vietnam. Some netizens commented: amazing endurance, physical strength and loyalty! He is the legend of Wenger in seventy million players signed him! It was a humorous and well intentioned criticism, and everyone cheered for him. However, to make the world more surprising is that in July 17th, when Arsenal and the Vietnam team together in football, the “running brother” has received the opportunity to play together with Arsenal, Arsenal “worthy of the name” “first” player. He took part in a regular handshake. After the game, the nickname “runningMan” “gun fans” also won the Wenger free tickets, tickets and hotel accommodation treatment. This is his greatest pleasure. For a dream of people, he also obtained the highest courtesy.

The red world Vietnam young man, to pursue his dreams in the ecstasy of running. This is not just a fan for the star of the yearning and the pursuit, it is about youth, on the “dream” of the pursuit. In such a crazy run, he reached the world’s distant dream.

All the fans happy for him at the same time the envy of his situation.

However, not all people are so lucky”. Because, there are two kinds of people in the world: one is the runner, one is the wait and see. And God, often only those who fight the crazy runner.