It is not a Goodnight buffalo bills all sign of weakness to try white jerseys succeed boundary and know how to get back to the right place. On the contrary, it is a kind of rare wisdom to admit one’s limitations and to burn effectively in the limitations of the individual.

2, the language is sometimes false, common experience is really not, and who are growing so fast.

3, the heart is a tree, love and hope and roots in the soil, wisdom and emotional leaves fluttering in the sky. Whether it is the years of wind and rain blowing, or rolling dust covered the green leaves of light, it always silently standing there waiting, and accept all, neither haughty nor humble.

4, in fact, some doors are open, you have to push near the door is closed; some, in fact, is not locked, you need to get a closer look; some seemingly locked, in fact, a pull on the open door lock; some did lock tightly, but the door next to the door…… Not far off, make assumptions; don’t move, just tell yourself not.

5, everyone knows the difference is large, don’t know it.

6, I do not show off, because I do not feel inferior. I do not bother, because I do not lack love. That’s all of humanity, inferiority that show lack of love. Your swagger, in addition to prove that weak jerseys supply center inside, can not explain anything!

7. Don’t try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to.

8, Yue himself can be pleased. If you live your life well, the people around you can share your happiness, happiness and success.

9, temperament, not for others, but to enhance their ability to live. The basis of self-cultivation is the inner dialogue, in this dialogue, both their own plaintiffs, but also their own nurses and judges. Cultivation is to the mind what food is to the body. To the average person, the easiest way to learn is to read. An educated man or an educated man is not necessarily a learned man, but a man who knows what he loves and who is evil.

10, who is not a saint, he must be perfect, or avoid blemish white jade. Have the disadvantage of not afraid, not afraid of. Dropping wears the stone, the wire saw can cut the wood, as long as the attack on one point, is erudite, accumulate steadily, can get the atmosphere. Don’t see monkeys breaking corn, which is the last love, empty handed; don’t stand in situ, the opportunity is not pie, without reason at you; not only go forward, compassion, good will.

11, I do not regret, did not meet you in the most beautiful youth, because we have to, after all is not a love with warm enough to giant earthquakes and landslides, but enduring as the universe.

12, the most upset irritability is that you didn’t know exactly what was your trouble, It is without rhyme or reason. negative energy bursting.

13, the greatest pleasure lies in “chat”, he can instantly get diamond cuts diamond “to sell your point, he threw back the password you can immediately take Wholesale jerseys authentic steady. The worst thing to do is to meet a look that matches your expectations… And then talk to you very happy people, it is impossible to develop into male and female friends…” See, not easy to talk to a partner but not too, looks through interest and congenial.

14, everyone has a special period of time, this time is very important. Martin said, every strong man, all teeth have a no help, no support, no one day greetings. In the past, this is your adult ceremony, not to beg for mercy, this is your bottomless pit.

15, true goodness is not weak but not compromise, but never to hurt others, not nagging, know not overdo sth.. Being honest, don’t cheat, don’t lie. (in) with a sincere heart to face the true to you.

16, some people have big dreams, some people have their own little happiness. There is no high and low points, as long as their own happy. The sign of maturity is not to disturb the happiness of others, nor to laugh at other people’s dreams, as long as they are really put into it. Someday you will understand that all people love to do, as long as the people around you and your love is enough, no need to listen to the voice of the streams of people busily coming and going too.

17, one day, you will be driving a car, then a young man envy the bicycle rear, there is a (at least at) and he is willing to share the joys and sorrows of the girl.

18, once happened, please don’t forget, just can’t remember.

19, living in a city, or love a person, or do something, a long time, you will feel tired, there will be a desire to escape. May not be tired of the city, love, insist on things, but can not give up the courage to stick to their own. Those who used to say never separated, already scattered in the horizon.

20, know the boundaries of your ability to succeed.