The selling pork Peking University graduate has 50 years old, Graduate students is now doing? People’s life is very long, stand in a particular position in life, we often self doubt is not in this life will be so mediocre to go on? But life is a marathon, you will sell sometimes see a person and a person more than yourself, see yourself alone, full of loneliness and despair, even you will fall in the Authentic Bears Jerseys Men game…… However, as long as you are still running, everything you experience, happiness or pain, will become a part of your life, and become your source of strength.

Lu Buxuan, college entrance exam, Peking University, 80s God’s favored one. This paper, people eyes should be refined and Professor, officials or successful shrewd businessman. However, Lu Buxuan is not. Lu Buxuan is a “butcher”, is a butcher’s fate did not give him the Everything is going smoothly. life, when he was 34 years old, he was forced to hold up the butcher’s knife, started a pig meat sale. Peking University pork guy – Lu Buxuan, Lu Buxuan never thought he would be engaged in the butcher of this industry, he has been eager to engage in academic work. Until April 2013, he was famous for his glasses pork, back to his alma mater speech, the first sentence is “I lost his face to his alma mater, wiping the black, I was negative materials”, can be imagined, his heart is very low self-esteem.

Jing Chai had an interview with him, and asked him what he wanted to do later, Lu Buxuan said, now dare not say that the fate of the basically, not in my hands. Selling pork Lu Buxuan, is in the darkest period of life, no hope, no matter who told him the occupation without distinction, he did not believe. Peking University President Xu Zhihong said, Peking University Graduates selling pork and nothing is not good. In the fine work, does not affect this person has the lofty ideal.” “Peking University can be a politician, scientist, sell pork, are the same”.

However, Lu Buxuan is not convinced that those inspirational beautiful words no sense. Because when the butcher does not need what technical content, not a highly educated people can do the same, when a person at a young age has spent many years to receive professional training, go to the butcher meat, is a waste of knowledge and intelligence. He even wrote in the book, if you think the students butcher completely normal, why not in the Department within the University opened a butcher, slaughter, hair professional, professional skin tick chop bone professional selling meat, so much more professional?

But in the darkest of times, Lu Buxuan has sold pork to do the “Peking University level”. North there is a pork business people, pork king Lu Buxuan found that Chen Sheng is not general, he said, I have a stall can only sell one point two pigs. He can sell twelve pigs, ten times as much as mine.” Chen Sheng also found that water is not meat, Lu Buxuan eyes, touch out immediately. This “pork guy” is really not general.

Even if Lu Buxuan feels inferior, despair, in this day, he is still serious about his life, his business in the pork business, he also writes, also wrote a book “the butcher” to see the world. In the marathon of life, such a run will not be without value. Chen Sheng decided to cooperate with Lu Buxuan, jointly put Chen Sheng on the one of the pig business bigger and bigger, they have to do to meet the needs of high-end pork brand pork. Lu Buxuan with his years of experience and the butcher, Chen Sheng opened Occupation Training Partnership butcher butcher school, he write your own notes “pork marketing” and personally taught, to fill the gaps in the butcher specialized schools and textbooks. The fate of those to his suffering did not overwhelm him, but has become an important wealth of his life, his conduct of the.

2015, two people together to create a number of soil pig sold more than 1 billion, becoming the first brand in the domestic loud soil. Lu Buxuan has no sense of inferiority, will sell pork to perfection, “should also not disgrace to his alma mater”. In 2016, Lu Buxuan took off again, to catch up with the tide of the Internet, one pig on Tmall, will become the first “slaughter” for the mass consumer Internet plus pork brand. This time, Lu Buxuan hurried to the Internet to sell pork, do the butcher do, this year, Lu Buxuan at the age of 50, he finally completed his counter attack, has come to know the fate of Lu Buxuan calm confidence, he thought more is to seize the opportunities of the Internet age.

Similar to Lu Buxuan and Zhu Shijian, 1999, Zhu Shijian was sentenced to life imprisonment, when he was already 71 years old, in 2001 only because of diabetes get medical parole opportunities, but Zhu Shijian dragged Bingqu, began to grow oranges in the hills, in 2003 Wang Shi went to see him, just orange seedlings planted up, 74 year old Zhu Shijian told him about the future of Orange Park Orange Park, Guaguo what the situation is, Wang Shicai know, have to wait until the 80 year old Zhu Shijian of orange fruit. A 74 year old man who is serious in his own orange, is sure to run to win his own destiny. In 2012, Chu orange has become a brand, the 84 year old Zhu Shijian completed his counter attack. Like the old man and the sea, said, a person is not born to be defeated. As long as we keep running, we will always win.