The packer quarterback dissatisfied with the attack.

Although Buffalo Bill won the 22-0 win on Sunday, the quarterback of the packer was not satisfied with the actual performance of the team.

The league’s highest-paid quarterback said in an interview: “We’ve had a bad offensive performance and don’t think the points represent a difference in offense.”

The packers attacked 423 yards, including 298 yards. The first three times won the ball twice, but then the Green Bay offense suddenly stalled, no longer found a way to shoot into the end zone, but with three free kicks to expand the lead.

The player, who won the regular season MVP, said: “I’m a realist and this offensive performance is hard for me to accept. The 423 yard advance looks good, but we could have advanced 600 yards and scored 45 points. ”

The packer attacked at least 5 times and missed several runs. But the packer quarterback’s knees look better than they did last week, and Aaron Jones’s jersey volleyball performance is commendable.

Mayfield: it’s my duty to lose Brown.

Brown’s Baker Mayfield has been in a bad start for the first time.

Although Mayfield passed the ball 295 yards and got two touchups, he was also involved in four power shifts, three of which converted the Raiders into touchups. In the end, Brown 42-45 was no match for the Raiders.

After the game, Mayfield told reporters: “I’m the quarterback of this team, and I’m responsible for losing.”

Mayfield made a mistake when Brown won the ball for the second time. The ball passed to Antonio Callaway was intercepted by Gareon Conley, who returned 36 yards to reach the line.

Then Mayfield led Brown to a 14-point lead, but two power shifts gave the Raiders a chance to rebirth.Green Bay Packers jerseys

Mayfield first dropped the ball at the 11 yards of his own side, and the Raiders took advantage of it to catch up. After that, Mayfield dropped the ball on his 20 yards, and the Raiders reached the goal again, and the score was 31-28.

Mayfield said: “I’m sorry for the defensive team, because we gave the Raiders too many offensive opportunities, they have a strong scoring ability… The defense team has done well, but we have made too many changes in the franchise. “