Richard Rodgers Jersey

Watching the game and buying the team, Rodgers became the first NFL active and NBA boss.

Aaron – Rodgers has long been a fan of the NBA Milwaukee bucks, and yesterday dragon watched the third playoffs between the Milwaukee bucks and the Boston Celtics, taking over the bucks. Yes, now Rodgers is one of the Bucks’ bosses, and is the only active NFL player with NBA shares.

On Friday, the Bucks announced that Green Bay Packers jersey Aaron – Rodgers became one of the team’s shareholders, when Rodgers and his racing driver, Danny Patrick, and the big boss of the deer, Wesley – Edens, were sitting on the sidelines.

“I have been proud to call Milwaukee my home for the past 13 years. I grew up on this land, built friendship on this land, played and lived here, and I am grateful for it.” “I’m very excited and honored to be able to join Wesley Edens, Mark – Ruth, Jamie – Dinan, Mike – ferret and the Milwaukee buck holder team to deepen my connection with the region,” Rodgers said in an official statement issued by the bucks. As a loyal fan of NBA and basketball, all these dreams come true for me. I expect to continue to dedicate my love for the sports of Wisconsin in the teams I love and support.

Rodgers is a California boy, the Green Bay and Milwaukee are both the city of Wisconsin, because of his work, he devoted his love to Wisconsin sports. The Bucks said in a statement: “Aaron is the champion of Wisconsin, and we are very honored to welcome him to join our Milwaukee bucks team. Our team is now fighting in the playoffs, and our new stadium will be put into operation this autumn. This year is undoubtedly an exciting year. To the city and the Bucks, we are very happy to fight side by side with Aaron.

“I feel great!” “At any time you want to have a legendary figure, like the man (Rodgers jerseys), that means a lot to us,” said the Bucks guard Jason Terry. He supports us very much, I mean, he often runs before the game and says, ‘Hey, jet, come and come, I’ll show you out, you show me how to fly’ and he opens his arm. Not only in Milwaukee, but also in Losangeles when we met him. He sat on the sidelines, chatted with a bunch of people, and I knew he was supporting us. He is a great player. His story inspires me. I like to see him on the sidelines and like what he does for us.