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Truth is not in a certain place in the world, but a kind of attitude towards the world, which is a kind of life belief and criterion we have found for ourselves. There are no answers to the seahawks jerseys big questions in life. However, a person can only think about these big problems, can really have their own life beliefs and living standards, in order to make a correct judgment of the small problems in life.

The navigation is based on the constellations of the sky to identify and determine the course. He will never know the elements and structures of the constellations, but if he does not know their existence, they will lose their way and can not solve the seahawks jerseys specific mission of navigation. When they reached the age of forty, they learned to talk about Confucius’s “no doubt” for years. However, they do not even have to be confused, how can they not be confused?

From simple to complex, then return to the mature pure wisdom I name. From chaos to awake, then return to consciousness of chaos, to my name. Mature, but not sophisticated, still a child. Success, but not vanity, is still a common heart. And this change, I called wisdom. Wisdom is to mature and will not lose heart. A person mentally mature enough to face and endure the suffering of life, the heart is still simple, the world still have a childlike interest, he is a man of wisdom. If you take the fall for common heart ambition, also gives rise to wisdom.

Wisdom is not a talent, it is a kind of life consciousness, a kind of open mind and vision. A person may be successful in the society may fail, if he is wise, he won’t take these look too important, and be able to stand on all worldly success, in this way become masters of their own destiny.

The fundamental limitation of man is that he has to have a physical body, which is governed by the desire, guided by limited intelligence, and blinded by the suffering of life.However, if we are always sitting in the seahawks jerseys body where the child is in this well, we can not see it is a fundamental limit. So, like some kind of wisdom of his art, to put a spirit of self isolated from the body of the self, let it stand height and distance, to see the world in the struggle of their position and the way out.

In a certain sense, the philosopher is a Blaugrana man, his spirit of self can be free to leave the flesh, and all earthly overlooking contemplation. Wisdom is a little like humility, but it is a kind of humility that stands at a very high level. For example, the wisdom of the people seem to stand in the position of God to see the human including his own, to see the limitations of human. He is an ordinary person with this limitation, on the other hand it can look down from above this limitation is in some sense beyond it. A person has the ability to do God, was born as a human, he became a philosopher. Socrates said, “I know I know nothing.” He has God’s omniscience, so people know after all is ignorant, others put people sciolistic as omniscient.

A perfect heart, and have not perfect as bear down the fate of people, this is the philosopher. Wisdom and understanding are two different things. Intelligence refers to the ability of a person in terms of quality, such as good memory, understanding, imagination, reaction, and so on, and so on. With these qualities, combined with subjective and objective opportunities, you can succeed in society as an able politician, a learned scholar, a shrewd businessman, and so on. But, no matter how clever you are, if you do not have enough wisdom, you will not have great achievements. Perhaps it is because of this reason, from ancient times to today, a lot of smart people, but very few great men.

The nfl jerseys china most worth pursuing in life, one is good, two is happiness, and the two are not separated from wisdom. The so-called wisdom, is to understand the fundamental truth of life. Only in this way, will know how to be a man, and thus become a truly outstanding person in the sense of human nature. Only in this way can we distinguish the primary and secondary of all kinds of values in our life, and know what we want, so as to gain and feel happiness.

I believe in Socrates’s words: “virtue is wisdom.” If a person often think of some major issues in the fans wearing Arizona Cardinals Jerseys world and life, for the interests of earthly will detached and is unlikely to do those terrible things. In the end, moral corruption is a kind of uncivilized. Of course, this cultural level is not the same, some literate people are ignorant.

Where does the false, the evil and the ugly come from? Why are people hypocritical, ferocious, ugly? I found only one answer: because of their greed. Why do people have greed? Buddhism has a very good answer to this: because there is no clear”. Popular to say, there is no wisdom, the lack of a thorough understanding of life. So, it is the wisdom of life, rather than ideology, that determines the moral quality of life. Attributed to the moral ideology is out of control, trying to strengthen ideology in manners and morals, this approach is at least superficial.