There is a special phrase on the Internet for a while: “what do you say that you are Hard people don’t have time to missing something.”The truth is so cruel.In fact, there are a lot of people dedicated to showcase their own efforts around us, in the post in the community actively in various time, night training camp with soy sauce man, because you just look very hard, so you choose bc lions jerseys numbers can get so much.With this truth, go and see your circle of friends.If there are people who love to shop said said: “in order to catch the copy busy all night.” But the fact that the truth may be, she went shopping with her boyfriend, eat dinner, and then saw a movie, and so on to return home when the night has been late, just want to get up and write.

If you suffer from procrastination one state said: “the workplace examination and hang up, I try bc lions jerseys numbers so hard to read, so why to oppress me?” But the truth may be her brush brush watercress day in and day out of micro-blog, a week ago until the exam was hastily picked up the book to read the book read hastily and without thinking.

If there is a study of the nature of the state, said: “in the library for a semester to study bc lions jerseys numbers hard, but this is not the egg, the scholarship is still not available.” But the truth of the matter is that he is indeed in the library with his head buried in books, but it is Higashino Keitani’s every novel turned over, and the professional class does not pull the relationship between the half.

Now that you are so hard, what are you trying to do?

Since you just look very hard, why do you try to deceive yourself?

In every woman shouting “either thin or die today, slow miss is the most beautiful on the road to bc lions jerseys numbers win her weight, height 164 cm, with three months to 65 kg of body weight dropped to 48 kilograms, and has maintained this result has been three years.

Many friends may have a contemptuous disregard someone born good, life is easy to lean body, and some bc lions jerseys numbers people drink tone will lift his chin up 22.

But I will tell you that she is not in the circle of friends had no ambition in the forum after playing chicken cards, just a day to strictly abide by the plan of fitness, eat less, you gobble down countless day in and day out, at the moment, she sweat on the treadmill, when you clear shopping entertainment, she was riding Dongan bicycle, when not drink gossip you can, she held on healthy diet hand is always provided with warm boiling water. Do you envy somebody else’s waist slender waist to become warped arm slender, but I don’t know she even work overtime to very late all dare to break a motion?

And since the media V I have special love, at the beginning of each update of the content that they find bc lions jerseys numbers is nothing but an easy job to do, and then go to the online hot contact authorization, and then find some suitable pictures do typesetting to get it, the original coffee is slightly tired, because of the need to update an article every day. But the updated content is less! So, since, since the media like network of institutions in my impression, drink tea and chat, the rest of the time waiting for the advertising revenue can be.

The real contact from the media, with all the group met a lot of people, only to find the truth is every day a lot of people get dry eye and neck pain, get up earlier than chicken later than chicken early, tired after work at night, eat and drink to the topic, when you wash a good brush lying in bed content the second day, he stay up late to catch the update, you can see the day of the original article is so come.

There are close to those early promoted peers, often make people look envy and hate, the truth is not you think so dark and unfair, every minute you are comfortable in front of people, from behind secretly efforts.

Step back and say, you try to be your business, your efforts to achieve is also your own, you one hundred bc lions jerseys numbers percent of the effort with one percent people are not on the relationship.

I used to work at the same time the company had attracted two girls, A very seriously, dealing with those things day in and day out not to mind taking the trouble to a company, every day is always the earliest, of course, go too late. She is not only a simple hard-working, kind-hearted girl, full of good intentions and the way of getting bc lions jerseys numbers along with people, especially helpful, so that the total love will give her colleagues task. I never heard a complaint in her mouth, and I never heard her say another word to me behind my back.

Her desk is covered with a “every day to give yourself a smile, after wind and rain to see the rainbow” inspirational slogans, although these sounds vulgar and rustic, but she very believe these words, and resolutely to personally prove absolute charm of these worthy of belief is chicken soup.

B pretty cute spoiled, just brush Taobao, if there is no clear leadership instructed her to do bc lions jerseys numbers things, her job is no work.

A later went to the company’s best business benefits, in the Department of storage and transportation bc lions jerseys numbers B one hour to refresh the four or five micro-blog, complaining that their efforts are not directly proportional to the effort to resist the good luck.

In fact, even if you have the spirit of “superscript I desperately” type “and” personality character bc lions jerseys numbers to others wasted the time, but the physical and mental mismatched, Bieguai minutes covered in a lot of really hard in the crowd.

As for yourself, please shield the guilty behavior all “bask in” hard to know.