2005, the mind is easy to heat and slightly naive, I made a major Hard to hold decision: To study abroad.Why is a major bears jerseys women dream of the scalp decision?For our family at that time, studying abroad is a heavy economic burden. At that time, I did not consider so much, just want to go abroad, I put this heavy burden on the parents to throw heavy.My idea was that, as long as I can stay away from the poor the and backward country, it will develop well. I always listen to other people say “foreign is more advanced than the domestic!” If so, as long as I can integrate into a more advanced environment, I will be able to get a good development. That’s what I thought.

After a few struggles, my parents finally compromise, but under the promise of me. They said, no matter how, will bring me to graduate, as long as I am in a good book. I gave them a promise. In this way, I set foot on the study tour.

Out of the country, I found that the original is really as many people say, “the dream is beautiful, the reality is cruel!” In a foreign country at that time, I did not follow to the parents promised to learn professional courses, but thinking on love, Internet, games and nightclubs……

Because I don’t love hidden in the subconscious, my women jerseys professional courses in a complete mess.

At that time, I was not a positive study of the atmosphere, and I have  forgotten, I go abroad to do what!

What do I like to do bears jerseys with orange numbers?

I don’t know what I want to do after graduation. I have been hiding in the student dream is not willing to wake. In the meantime, I also secretly tried to start a business, but it is a failure, and even behind several years I think they are not doing business that piece of material.

When I packed home that moment, I realized that I did not fulfill their commitment to my parents, but also did not realize my own wish.

When everything is back to the origin, I still need to face the next life.

I always let vanity loving people performing abroad brought me the “superiority”, in order to make them believe that, I always evade the crucial point about some story happened on me, so many people around me think that the original abroad is one thing so well, even some people take me as an example after that, their children to study abroad.

A person’s head false aura is always false, even win a moment of praise, the  heart is empty.

Can be in a person alone, I still believe that, even if I did not score, I still can through their own efforts china jerseys to feed themselves. Pride told me that I can’t be eating the old.

At that time, I just want to work, but do not know what they can do, what should be able to do!

When our heart is not strong enough, when the mind is not mature enough, it is difficult  to calm down to carry out a thorough assessment of their own.

We just tell ourselves, to work, to work, to make money, to make money.

When a person’s heart only consider how much salary this month to their own, do not be good at doing their own do not love the work, as time passes, this person will be polished life without any passion. In the end, it will be said: “yes ah, time is always too fast, I did not create any value, I slowly become old, life is too boring!”

Most of the time, you can’t help complaining about the society, that they do not  believe they can have a jerseys online lot of Born Under A Bad Sign, for their own development opportunities, I think their ability is not strong enough, all of these negative thoughts will eventually through your subconscious into your life.

Your life will continue to be what you think you are. Without any change in your life, you will become more and more loving, more and more, you will not see any hope. What you don’t know is that your life is not what the society gives you, it is you who give it to you, but you are not aware of it.

I just came out of this kind of life. I also love to complain, always look for reasons from the outside world. Ever since I began to realize the power of the subconscious, I found myself a fool. In life, I do not have the opportunity, but I can not clearly understand what they can do! When I look back, I find that I did a lot of things I don’t even know why I should have done something wrong. I know clearly that my subconscious mind is out of the question. I didn’t provide a positive message to my subconscious, so I have “I don’t know what I’m doing every day”.

Do you think you can only do a part-time job? Do you think you don’t have a good  background? Did you think his talent? Do you think you can make a lot of money, but the timing is right? Did you think his day of life is not good, can not get God’s favor…… Yes, these negative questions, most people have the subconscious. After you know the work of the subconscious mind, you should know that you do not have an ideal career, it is you continue to convey these negative information to your subconscious in the role.