The Song Have you been home to Dynasty there was a cheap nfl jerseys 10 years young man named Zhang Youzheng, his heart had a dream of calligraphy, in order to realize the dream of becoming a calligrapher, then ordinary young Zhang found a penthouse, painstaking practice writing. This is a house, for thirty years, the rainbow after the storm, the house became a generation calligrapher, yangmingliwan. Even the song Shenzong looked at his words are full of praise, saying it is the first in cursive.

People want to eat, to take pains to fuel, light house, let alone thirty years, three months will be deflated belly hungry.

This is very good. Zhang Youzheng family unusual. Dad is when the power of prime minister, the name of the capital market million luxury villa. Even so, Zhang Youzheng spent thirty years from authentic nfl jerseys Zhang Huihao to Zhang ink, the time is not the only cost of food and clothing is thrift, every day to write so many words to where to get the money Maicao paper? Only to hang the mansion to the intermediary to sell three million money, with the money for him to write for the past thirty years.

For Zhang Youzheng, not for a living, the way to achieve the ideal of the difference is the courage — cruel to sell real estate money go ahead, not under the saddle at top speed, three feet has scared to look back from the days of three dreams. Ou Yangxiu in the “book” in the summer with Zhang Youzheng villa sold for scratch paper, is admired for its bravery. All the villas are many people, there are a lot of people dream of calligraphy, it is difficult to find the book in the house to villa, courage.

So it seems that there is no room for the hearts of people who have dreams, it is not a slim chance? Nor is it true. Let’s take a look at the Huai su.

The Tang Dynasty calligrapher Zhang Youzheng and Huai Su, as Youth Calligraphy mind dream. “Huai Su om” said he living in poverty at home, only writing on the wall, tile. To understand their own conditions: Huai Su family was not well-off, the money room, if you must have it, that is a passion. Poor conditions so harsh odds. The old bosom still Qujingtongyou generally find a way. He devoted to Buddhism, and hide in the small building almost, not only to find a secluded environment, and solve the cheap nfl jerseys basic daily life and other life issues, and then focused on practicing calligraphy. Practice on words have the same paper shortage problem, therefore, he specifically looking for a wasteland of banana trees, picking the leaves spread on the table as a paper. Then made a dish a paint board, write wipe the writing, he will write through the board day in and day out. With the end Constant dripping wears away a stone. spirit, a generation of outstanding calligrapher.

The two story tells us that nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it, even if the external conditions of poor, can also achieve the same success. Gladwell, an American writer, said that genius in the eyes of ordinary people seems to be extraordinary, not talent, is often paid more than ordinary efforts. As long as 10 thousand hours after exercise, anyone can go beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary.

In this dream age overflowing, dreams show full screen, press, to avoid telling his wandering in the dream in the story of others lustrous and dazzling. Often look at other people’s inspirational story, may wish to do a long record of their own. Instead of doing other people’s dream of the spectators, as the trivial detail of the time saved up, investment to achieve their dreams in the piggy bank. Intentnesses in exchange for their own dreams, it may be 10 thousand hours, maybe 20 thousand hours.

If early to determine the dream, clear objectives, continuous efforts, you will not expect negative alarm clock in one day, maybe that is a normal day, morning or afternoon, accompanied by the breeze or snow, Ziguzi rang.

It’s hard to come by, but it seems natural.