On March 2008, Favre announced his retirement, nfl jerseys china the packers horse admiral Rodgers as new quarterback. In a few months then Favre retired, but the team has focused on Rodgers Favre, no longer plan, then Favre was traded to the New York jets, Rodgers officially became the main. The 2008 season, Rodgers in the play on the main first year has good performance, the data are in the forefront of the coalition, but in 3 games are played a score of 300 yards 3 touchdowns, once the 157 shot is not only steals, only slightly more than the number of sacks, and the team has in other aspects, so that the poor record did not make the playoffs, Rodgers was not in the occupation bowl. In October of this year, the packers and Rodgers signed a new $6 deal for $65 million.

In 2009 Rodgers continued to improve his ability, in the game against Cleveland Brown in October, his 20 pass in 246 yards up to 3, is the first time to play the perfect pass performance of the 15. Packers have been a strong team this year and Rodgers has been more positive. In the wild card game, he and the Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner big counter attack, both sides played a playoff history match the highest total score, but the packers still regret losing.

The 2010 season Rodgers also remained at the same level, November against the Minnesota Vikings, he passed 22 in 31 301 yards and 4 touchdowns, and is a perfect cross performance. Boxing Day against the New York giants, his 37 pass in 404 yards up to 4, is the first game in the game of 400 yards. The packaging industry this year, the decline in performance, in the regular season finale barely get playoff qualification. This time, Rodgers really showed his superstar potential in the playoffs. Wild card game against the Philadelphia hawks, he came 18 in the 27 180 yards with 3 touchdowns. Division series against Atlanta falcons, he came 31 in the 36 366 yards with 3 touchdowns. The team won two games, Rodgers is the first hero. Then the team and the performance of the nfl jerseys wholesale defensive team in the League finals defeated the Chicago bears, into the super bowl. In the super bowl against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Rodgers was back to the state, stand up again in the attack the war, 39 24 304 yards 3 touchdowns, every 13 years finally regain the packing time super bowl champion. Rodgers became the only player in history to score a total of over third yards in a single season playoff game.

The 2011 season, Rodgers continued in the year before the playoffs bravery, played one of the most exciting single season quarterback in the history of the NFL. In this year he played 5 games up to the performance of the array, of which the last second weeks in the face of the Chicago bears, but also in the case of just a shot in the case of the completion of a total of up to 5 of the array of 0 copies of the miracle of the cut by the 29. In the face of the Denver wild horse in October, he had a career second yards and 400 yards. The year, his 68.3 hit rate was 4643 yards with 45 touchdowns and 6 steals, is 18 players passing yards before, only a single digit number in steals, and only two more than 40 touchdowns one of the players. Packers in this year as the defending champion, cheap nfl jerseys played a record 15 wins and 1 losses, giving people the feeling is about to open a patriot like dynasty. However, this dream, but when it ended the New York giants in the divisional playoff face. Rodgers’s MVP season, eventually became the New York giants again in the super bowl to beat the Patriots of the matting.

2012 season Rodgers’s performance is not as good as the previous year, after all, after all, he was one of the best in the history of the in the history of the NFL. However, in this year he is still only 8 times in the case of a copy of the top 39. In the October game against Houston in Dezhou, his 37 pass in the 338 yards up to 6, is the first time in his career in the array of up to 6 in the game of 24. However, the team finally again in the divisional playoff crashed. After the end of the season, the packers and Rodgers signed a $110 million new deal for $5, making it the first high paid player of the year in the history of Rodgers. However, his 2013 season was not very successful, in ninth weeks against the Chicago bears game, Rodgers was sacked after a clavicle fracture, missed half of the games of the team, until the season finale will comeback. The packers barely got into the playoffs, but were eliminated by Rodgers’s home team for 49 years in a row for the first time in the past second years.