Today we continue the offseason cheap nfl jerseys superstar biography featurette, introduce the Indianapolis Colts as quarterback, the league’s first paid the owner, Andrew clark.
In September 12, 1989, he was born in Washington, dc. His father Olivier Lakshmi, in football and American football is a great reputation figure. Andrew in the small time Oliver is NFL Europe League (now defunct) president, then once in the sports management institutions in Houston office, hosted the 2016 Super Bowl NRG stadium, and the Rockets home court TOYOTA center, have been built in Olivier under the supervision of the. Later Oliver also helped establish Houston’s major league soccer team Dinamo Houston, and is now a senior official of the NCAA. Influenced by his father’s work, Andrew once lived in Germany and England as a child, so he was also a football fan. In twenty-first Century the family moved to Houston, he is the father of the support to help build the Houston dynamo.

Andrew La

Father Oliver was a quarterback for the Houston oil man (now the Tennessee Titans) in the age of the players, so he was trained as a professional quarterback in his childhood. In Houston, the Stratford high school, three years a total of 7139 out of his 53 yards touchdown, also ran 2085 yards. He is also considered to be the high school graduates in 2008, the fourth highest professional style quarterback. Finally in the recruitment of coach Jim coach Harbert, he chose the Stanford University.

(here explain, in NFL good quarterback forever in short supply, a big reason is that most of the college coaches in training team, the quarterback, the purpose is to let the team to win as much as possible, not to allow them to quickly adapt to the game occupation. College football because of the overall level of defense is far less than NFL, so the offensive tactical system is different from the NFL, the requirements of the quarterback is also different. In the three common college football offensive philosophy: severe dependence Smashmouth attack. Run the ball, the ball passing quarterback run ability than Triple Option three options to attack, and a shotgun formation of Spread offense distributed attacks are rare in NFL. So in college football, professional style quarterback is relatively rare, which also highlights the achievements of the next few years in the University of merit
Standford in the red shirt a year later, the dominant position in the 2009 season in la. When the top running back Tobey Hart Standford Siegel array (in the year 1871, the first run code) in rushing offense, passing data Clark not very prominent, but also show a leader’s temperament, led the team in the Pacific Ocean was surrounded by enemies of the twelve strong alliance (Pac-12) with 8 wins and 4 losses, the game against Arizona game is of high optical performance Clark, he in the game 35 21 423 yards 3 touchdowns 1 steals, but the team did not keep the lead. The 2010 season started among the national top quarterback, ranks in the opener against Sacramento team, he will be 23 17 316 yards 4 touchdowns and 0 steals, and in the next game more courage, he has 6 year 4 touchdown game, two touchdowns in 3 games, field passing score as high as 170.2, and ranked second in the Heisman award, after winning Newton kamm.

At this time, he is qualified for the draft, and since he is a professional quarterback and Newton is not, he is considered to be a candidate in 2010 to win the title of Newton’s debut. However, he decided to finish his studies and return to Standford’s third main season. So in 2011, La once again played a horrible performance, the 13 game of the year, he only played in the 5 game of the array of up to two, and the rest of the game are at least Sanda, and there is no game hit rate of less than 63%. This is an incredible performance for a professional college quarterback. In spite of the Heisman award, he once again ranked second, this time losing to Robert Griffin III, but at this time, he will be champion show is That’s final.. Many legend said that he is since 1998, Payton Manning, and even John elvy since 1983 since the occupation of the team the best college quarterback. There are media reports, James and Lebron – (2003 NBA champion show), the – – (MLB in the top show in 2010) tied for the history of the United States in the history of the top three amateur athletes in the light of the. So that during the NFL season in 2011, some of the fans do not have a competitive team, and even hope that their team will nfl jerseys china be able to get the champion to sign the election and deliberately lost. Eventually, in the year of his own quarterback Manning’s season, the Indianapolis Colts won the league title with a record of 2 wins and 14 losses. The quarterback is like a goalkeeper, and every team needs only one main. And because of NFL’s hard salary cap system, which team’s salary space can not afford to raise two main quarterback. At that time, Manning has just recovered from the spinal surgery, the field can be restored to what state is still a lot of unknowns. In this case, the pony can only reluctantly send away Manning, and usher in la. To this end, the team also replaced the general manager and coach, ready to take advantage of the opportunity to start the reconstruction.
So the 2012 season, with a great show champion aura, came to the Colts.