In the 2014 NFL draft at military position including wholesale nfl jerseys china Khalil – a galaxy of talents, Mark and Aaron – Donald two big kill. But comparing with them, talent and excellent clowney. In the forecast before the draft, various experts have pointed out that in the defensive end clowney talent, like Andrew in Iraq quarterback on talent like (2012 in Iraq draft, being compared to 2003 NBA Lebron – James, Zhuang Yuanxiu is no suspense), eventually, clowney as champion show Houston Dezhou team is selected from the 2006 Mario Williams since the first show champion defensive player.

Unfortunately, clowney occupation career, much like his college career more smoothly. In the 2014 season, in the preseason, he suffered concussion concussion. The opening of the first show of his career in the game, he was torn meniscus injury in advance, after surgery for nearly two months of truce. After three nfl games in the late October, he ended his rookie season with a knee surgery. He only played 4 games in the season of 2014 and made little contribution.

The 2015 season, clowney attendance increased more than a year ago, but still suffered minor injuries plagued. Fourteenth weeks in the face of the new England patriots, although the team losing a large margin, but he never killed Tom Brady, two, is a single game career has only two sacks performance. This year he stop playing, get 4.5 sacks in 13 games, scored contributed to the playoffs. In the face of the Tennessee Titans in the fourth quarter of the sixteenth weeks, he left his left foot injury, missed the playoffs and regular season finale.

In 2014 and 2015 of the two season, the alien JJ- watt level performance, clowney injuries not bring great impact to the team’s defense. In fact, due to the presence of Watt, in the last two years clowney played outside linebacker rather than defensive end position. Did not expect in the 2016 season, the situation is reversed, Watts played only three games on the season, Dezhou had to give Klauni back to him from the high school has been playing defensive end position, eventually this season Klauni finally played his college level. In 14 games, he had 6 sacks made 1 times off the ball, and tied for first in the League 17 times negative yardage grapple. The people of Dezhou in this season in the long-term absence of watts, the defense is still played the league’s top level, it is the first hero clowney array, he is also the only team in a bowl of occupation player. After the end of the season, he was named in the season two team, after Khalil Mark and Vic beasley. This year he also completed the first show in the playoffs, and Oakland Raiders in the wild card game, he in the beginning of the game as quarterback Connor Cook steals the ball, laid the foundation for the team to win the final.

Klauni’s girlfriend named Raja ray Martin, is a strong female character, never hesitate to cehap jerseys china express their views. Two of them have welcomed their first child in October 2015, is a boy named djalil.