That is, I think Home happy have do not deserve to be the same as those of the kids green bay packers jerseys cheap same age, can participate in the community, you can learn a musical instrument, you can go out to authentic dinner, you can go to sing KTV, and so all of the leisure activities. In other people’s eyes, these normal university life, will let me have a sense of guilt. To all kinds of behavior in front of the female colleague miss H, but is then me, I tried to comfort and help her, but she has not come out, so later in the day, I can only choose to slowly alienate her. Some time ago the Internet has a point of view is very popular, “parents still struggling, you can show off in poetry and distance”.

That is some of the family in general student party, see others travel heart envy, but because there is no economic independence, so righteously to their parents for money, and called: “life is not the eyes, as well as poetry and distance.” I agree with this point of view, and it can be extended to give the same reference logic. For example, a parent to be hundreds of thousands of loans abroad PhD; for example at home but also their own postgraduate exam as pour as a church mouse, or repeat the entrance for many years to Sike key university to be people, there are tens of thousands of dollars to buy a luxury people. The leading role of these cases, I give the recommendations are generally negative.

Home in little or poor income, with a certain amount of education diploma, it is best to employment and development; college entrance examination for many years are not admitted to the ideal university, if there is another opportunity to swap can also accept. We are going to pursue a dream, but you must learn to stop in time, you have to understand what part of the consumption can not afford to. As for those who just want to buy some of the so-called vanity to install the temperament of the girls, I sometimes feel sorrow for her parents. Although I know that the money in her hand, I am not qualified to her how to use it, but I hope to convey the values are not much, at the time of their income, to pursue the so-called tall taste is not what is needed.

That is to say, I do not blindly encourage consumption in advance, and with the arduous effort and struggling parents as their vain life. But on the other hand, I do not advocate the difficult life of the parents as a moral kidnapping, like my colleagues, miss H, always indulge in a very deep sense of remorse. You can be in the heart of family, you can silence the accumulation of power, but in the specific life with the interpersonal, blindly describe and poverty with suffering this thing that will be the same with the H miss, at the party, at the dinner let us feel disappointed people.

Some time ago I received a girl’s message, said they read college, immediately faced is the rise this or go out and find a job choice. Girls said that because they feel that their parents are old, think they are very hard, very distressed, so they do not want to ask for money, so very anxious to go out to earn their own money. “Do not want to reach out to the parents for money.” This is a problem for most college students and young people. We all know that most of the Chinese families, our parents are relatively hard to make a living. Whether in business or have a stable unit, as long as the type is not that rich people, the kids houston texans jerseys majority is a frugal and restrained, so when I grew up, but can not easily understand the parents. But I would like to express that, only to float on the surface of the pain and remorse, is not any sense of.

Take me, when reading, every time when I get around the borrowed tuition went to the school, I do not hate myself in my heart, and countless times in your heart, I don’t want to spend my parents’ money, I want to go out to work, I want to change the home environment. This kind of mood accumulated to when the University began to burst, I would doubt reading this thing is not used, the university has no use, I took a heavy sense of guilt over the four years of life, I was very unhappy. The most extreme point is that I work for second years, my mother because of high blood pressure cerebral congestion faint, and then sent to the hospital. I was told later, so I have much remorse as can be imagined, especially if this amplification is a farewell to read like this makes me feel very scared.

But the pain is pain, or boil over. My solution is not immediately quit his job in Shenzhen, and then go back to keep my mother. This kind of filial piety is short and painful. Because if I make this choice, it means that my income will lose a lot, life will be more difficult, and may give up the life I want. I choose to return to Shenzhen to work harder, make more money and have more holidays and travel home, then changed to a home a big house, so to help my parents to buy insurance, and now they have a pension.

Elderly people worry about the part of the less, the body naturally good up. For me, this is the practical significance of the road of filial piety. Many people are filial piety parents with the way to choose their favorite way of life in a dilemma, I generally give the advice is not to parents first, but to the future for the first. That is to say, you have to understand their thinking about life, and then use their own ability to filial piety. These things are not