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Position: ahead of the Tencent NFL

Recruitment of Tencent sports front reporters, you can get free viewing opportunities, one to one interview NFL superstar, such an opportunity you still not heart?

Job content:

– to participate in the NFL event in front of the 2018-2019 season, to complete the site manuscript in a timely manner according to the requirements of the rear editors, and to find the perspective of the Chinese fans’ perspective.

– interview plans for key events, complete on-site interviews independently, and complete timely interviews, manuscripts preparation and competition.

– assist the promotion activities of Tencent NFL during the season, connect with the audience at the competition site, or complete the corresponding interactive activities.

– be able to focus on team news without competition and output the latest news content in time.

Job requirements:

– love to be familiar with NFL football jerseys, in the season of the new England patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York giants jerseys, Losangeles rams, Philadelphia hawks, Houston Dezhou, Green Bay Packers, Dallas cowboys, Seattle sea hawks, Atlanta falcons, Kansas chiefs, Minnesota Vikings, etc. ;

– plenty of spare time, understanding team culture history and star dynamics, focusing on Chinese pop culture;

Good at communicating with others, good at English, good at writing and good at expressing, if video editing is better.

– strictly abide by the discipline, pay attention to the professional ethics of the reporter, do not violate the standard requirements for the behavior of the NFL, do not quarrel with the public relations of the team, and do not blacken the Chinese journalists.

Strong sense of responsibility, keep in touch with rear editors, cooperate with others and have team spirit.

– has the ability to work independently and has unique ideas for quality content.

Position: Tencent NFL writer

It can be a lover of NFL gossip, and a NFL star to the other side of NFL fans jerseys every day. It can be a NFL fan who has a unique perspective to analyze and interpret matches. It can be NFL data control, presenting your favorite data to everyone. It can also be a NFL expert who shares his expertise. Even if you are a NFL keyboard man, you want to write every day which people are poor and which teams are bad (for example, a ten million level star for a few cents for a driver), as long as the perspective is unique, the audience still likes to see it.