Dezhou people

Dezhou people continue to build iron and blood defense

In yesterday’s inventory, we focus on the beginning of this year to complete the Super Bowl epic comeback of the new England patriots in the American League East, some of the hot topics and the playoffs last season American League runner up Pittsburgh Steelers in the Midland district. Today, we will turn our attention to the United States, which has a slightly mediocre record last season, and the west side with lots of excellent quarterback and defensive players.

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New season teams hot topic: Dezhou people continue to build “iron and blood defense”

Houston Texans

16 season: regular season 9-7, AP Champions League playoffs, 1-1 division elimination

Hot 1:, even though the three NFL defensive player of the year, JJ Watt, was absent, the Dezhou team remained the best defensive team in the League last season. What impact will Watt’s return have on the entire district?
Hot 2: DeShawn Watson or Tom savage? Who will be the starting quarterback for the Dezhou man in the second half of the season?

Tennessee Titans

16 season: regular season 9-7, Midland south, runner up, not playoff

The general manager of hot 1: newcomer Jean Robinson let Titans team finished 6 wins in the 2016 season of progress. Is he the best general manager of Midland?

The hot season is 2:2016 Titans since 2011 the first half of the season winless, Marcus Mario Kobita’s occupation career no doubt is in the rising period. Will he possibly be the best quarterback in the United States in the new season than Andrew?

Hot 3: with the Indiana Colts for two consecutive seasons from the NFL playoffs, the Titans will replace them cheap nike jerseys, become the South Midland obtained the long-term success of the team?

New season teams hot topic: Dezhou people continue to build “iron and blood defense”

Indianapolis Colts
16 season: regular season 8-8, Midland, second division, third place, not playoff

Hot 1: Colts has three consecutive season with two game losing streak record season. If at the beginning of the 17 season is still slow, coach Chuck Pajianuo will face trouble?

Jacksonville Jaguars

Season 16: regular season 3-13 Midland District champion did not enter the playoffs

Hot 1: after a series of legendary figures in the 2015 season, Blake – Boulter lost his way in the 2016 season. Is Jaguar one of the reasons for his defeat in the new season when the Jaguars are all depending on his play?
Hot 2: Jaguar has a big moves in the offseason, they in the draft pick in the two strong rookie, and in the free agent market Amoy in two main players. They finally put into operation successfully during the off-season in the course of victory?