Strong return! JJ watt is in good shape to confirm the first battle of the season.

JJ Watt did not give a vague answer to questions about whether he would be fit to play in the season opener on September 9.

Asked if he would go with the team to Gillett Stadium and play the New England Patriots in the opening game, the Houston Texan star forward gave a positive answer: “That’s necessary,” Watt said Thursday. “There’s no doubt (I’ll be on the court).”

Although still retaining the three-time best defensive player of the year super strength, popular, physical abnormality Watt in recent years is also gradually injured. First, there were only three games (1.5 captures) in 2016 with a back injury, and then there were 11 games in 2017 with a leg injury in the fifth week. With supernova quarterback Dershawn Watson injured at the start of the season, the Texan’s absence of souls on both ends of the offensive and defensive line directly shattered the Texan’s Super Bowl dream. It can be said that Watt is a barometer of the Texan record, in the past two seasons, Watt only played eight games, and the Texans only played two playoffs to end the season, Texas fans feel cold.

But the good news is that Watt is about to return strongly.

Watt didn’t play in the pre-season last week, but he was in the team’s JJ Watt JERSEYS online training camp normally. Not playing in the pre-season is more a coach’s special treatment for the team’s superstars. It can be said that Watt’s current health level will not prevent him from appearing in the opening match.

“I feel great,” Watt told reporters. “I like standing on the lawn. I’m in great shape and controlling everything I can control.” At the moment, everything is moving in favor of Watt, Texas coach Bill O’Brien recently said he is watching a ruling class player play on the court, as his three best defender trophies show.

100% the healthy watt will no doubt be a shot in the arm for the Houston Texans jerseys in the new season, especially on the defensive side. Losing Watt in the 2017 season, the Texans were poorly defended, ranking 20th overall in the league, losing 346.6 yards per game; without the capture machine, the Texans’sprint fell to the bottom of the league and was deceived (23rd, only 32).


In his seven-year career, Watt has captured 76 times, including four consecutive seasons from 2012 to 2015. I believe he will become the best defensive player of the year when he returns.