I have a lot of nature naughty, brother and sister class friends. From time to time,How can you not try to fight for there is a child to come to Kids Atlanta Falcons Jerseys life I interviewed. Yesterday afternoon, there is a tender cucumber to invite her sister to dinner, by the way to talk about the recent life. The girl’s parents in 90s on the sea, thought active parents which may raise a honest child, but her parents do not believe the evil, the girl to the non girl line force. Her more than and 20 years of life, is a tragic history and work against their parents.

The prequel did not say that about her life now. The girl is the television professional, graduated two years will play the Kids Bears Jerseys Pink main director Taiwan big party, in this business is pretty talented. But parents can not bear a girl home every day a recorded program, ask dad to grandma put her into a provincial media network department daily work is to copy the newspaper text, and then uploaded to the electronic version…… Two years ago she wrote a program copy take 5000 pieces of money, now the unit, monthly bonus more than 2 thousand. At first she was going crazy, but every Kids Atlanta Falcons Jerseys time she saw her parents’ contented face, she didn’t have the courage to “escape”. She thought, parents may be right, regular units, work leisure, interpersonal simple, is also very good. The two day of the stimulus, because the 19 year old cousin first get a bonus, bought her 2000 pieces of coins. Cousin three graduated, only to go to Shenzhen in March, in a company run business. She said, the child personality, usually biggest hobby is playing QQ games, he felt how much fun things people do not love it, so he is a good person way is to charge a lot of Q coins TA……

Yesterday her a lot of coins, called in the past, it was filled with younger brother. For several months, finally to promote the business, the boss made a bonus for the first time, he jubilant sister charge Q money. “Elder sister does not play QQ games”. “Oh,” my brother was silent for a long time, “but I don’t know what to give you.” My mind Kids Atlanta Falcons Jerseys jumped out “please answer shoelaces not line 1988” in azeri…… Cousin has been worship her, because her sister is a famous university graduate, did the director, will write the article. And he only read three of the graduates, and lively personality, do not know the future how to manage his dad billion of assets. You’re not wrong, is a billion……

Brother said he is not a piece of reading materials, the broken spoken language, to study abroad, but also can only soak in the south of the South Fujian dialect, too, a waste of time. He is sensitive to the financial figures, and the family business mainly depends on the supply chain and the channel, he wanted to run the line, to study how to promote the supply chain flexibility, listen to consumer feedback, then went to the Shenzhen branch to run the business…… With my brother’s story, she looked at me: “I want to be installed in front of him, ah, to maintain the dignity of my sister! In fact, the heart of the old admire him, so small to know their length, willing to lower body students, why do I rub air conditioning in the unit every day ah?”

I rolled her eyes, “because your father a few million, so can rub is a little bit……” Now I don’t know cheap nike nfl jerseys why so many people hate the rich, rich two generations. I know the upward mobility of young people, the proportion of children with money is really very high. My analysis, they have been accustomed to the money from the nearest, smell the smell of money, the eyes can see the streets run gold, unlike me, only to see stray dogs…… A lot of sweet honey know I have a rich two generation younger sister special will build, a university on Kids Atlanta Falcons Jerseys the beginning of all kinds of entrepreneurship. I didn’t think she was ill, until a new opening to buy a small apartment, and she jiwai, she said decisively “buy”. Then, took out a cell phone, open the calculator.

How much is this area the latest land auction price; real estate surrounding how many office buildings; office building volume rate in this area; how many migrants need to rent office space per square meter; according to the maturity of the rent, but the introduction of residential rent; and then calculate if you buy this apartment, how long can recover the cost…… Her ten fingers whipped, my face Meng force, she finally finished, my eyes dull, “give me a little sister to eat crayfish crayfish.” After a few months, she suddenly Kids Atlanta Falcons Jerseys remembered and asked me, “sister, did the house buy?” “No, developers not to face, hit 5000 discount, angrily not to buy.” I smiled and answered.

She looked at me, shaking his head, “can solve the problem of money, is really not a problem ah.” At the beginning of the year, to see the newspaper news, the government district average house prices have exceeded 25 thousand / flat, the small apartment is located in the center of the district government. When I Kids Atlanta Falcons Jerseys was about to buy, the opening price is 7000. I gave her a micro letter, she’s in Hongkong. I said, “cross the annual leave?” “No, take the Hongkong Toy Fair.” “What thirteen points, do a mother and baby buy also run Hongkong purchase, the cost is too high.” “I’m tired, what?! Only this large exhibition can get a hand supply, profit space can be mastered by their own. I do not know with you, why do you find me?!”

Micro channel screenshot newspaper to her, she had forgotten to buy a house that crop, “Oh, big amusement park to open it, very good, there is a metamorphosis of the roller coaster, I came back to sit!” I let you see is not half of the advertising, the property market news is good?! Money is not a panacea, the rich two generations also have two generations of distress. Know so many rich two generations, ranked first in the pain is obviously inherited: parents will make money but parents genes, would not let him in