Van chase sports game is already an industry with a market value of more than one billion dollars. Fanatical players spare no effort to give praise, major sports websites also have relevant analysis and reports, more and more sports fans began to understand and join the Van Tessy game. So, how do players really play the game of van chase? At first, the sense of superiority brought by the glory of the stadium made the players disdain. But gradually things started to turn out differently.


Former Chicago Bear jerseys defensive winger Judd Allen said he had heard players say on the sidelines: “I need more Van Telsey points.” The game serves as a bond between players and fans, as players pick their lineups on the sofa at home and watch their chosen players score as if they had played a game in their own hands. “The van chase game is already an important part of the NFL competition.”


The kicker Blaine – Walsh and the four point guard Drew Stanton played with van tey together with their teammates. Larry Fitzgerald, the Cardinals’outsider, has never played before, but he still admires him: “I’m glad to see Van Tessy’s gamers bring some marginal fans into the NFL community.”


Bridge sports has investigated 24 NFL players jerseys, 10 of whom have played Fantasi. Among them, Walsh did not hide his identity as a fanatical player (he did not kick a key shot at the time), he told reporters: “Van Persie makes you more competitive, makes you a team manager, Van Persie players want to select players and the ability to respond to different games.


Other players played low-key, some were reluctant to reveal their ideas, some claimed to be involved only when they were injured and prepared for the game, and there was no time to play in training.


Stanton likes to pick unknown players, and he’ll be complacent if the players he chooses have an explosion. Psychologically, there is a kind of relationship between people called projection, that is, to cast a part of their own inner characteristics on the other side, because the other side has a similar part of their own heart, so they treat that person with the way they treat a part of their own heart, that person becomes the spokesman of your heart. Stanton has always been an obscure quarterback.


“If they can choose themselves, they must do that, or else it will be too irritating,” Sanu said, and he did so. Those who can stand on the NFL arena are all elites and are not lack of confidence. “These guys play in the best leagues in the world and are extremely conceited,” said an attacking forward who asked not to be named. If I have this option in the game, I will choose myself.


Nowadays, van tesie game is not only popular in the United States, but also trained a group of loyal van tesie players in the country. Although the NFL arena is thousands of miles away from them, players feel the nervous excitement of the NFL arena through the changes of players’van tesie scores in the game.