The soil,How far can a browns female jerseys because it is close to the see him with whom rose, absorbs its fragrance, and it also gives off a sweet fragrance, which brings the scent of roses to others. In fact, our people are the same, get along with, and what kind of people in the course of time, and he will have the same “taste”, the so-called “like drawn to like that way.”.

In a presentation entitled “creating wealth” forum, a spokesman for doing such a small test to the audience, he said: “please write on a piece of paper, write down the time and you get along with most of the 6 people, but also can be said to be 6 friends with your closest relationships. The monthly income of their record, and then calculate the average of their monthly income. This average will reflect the amount of your monthly income.” The test results surprised everyone.

We Chinese there is an old saying: “the wolf howl.” Americans have a proverb: “a fool and life, all the wine and dine; and the wise life, always diligent in thinking.” These two words are actually the same truth: the influence of a friend is very large, large enough to be able to subtly influence and even change your life. How far you can go depends on who you are with. If you want to fly, then please you with the eagle company, and one of them; if you jerseys different color all day and chicken mixed together, then you are not likely to soar. There was an interview with Bill Gate about the secret of his success, he said: “because there are more successful people working for me.” Chen Anzhi’s “super success” has also been mentioned: first, to work for the successful people, and then with the successful people, and finally let the successful work for you. The people you associate with are your future. Get in touch with good people, and you will be affected by them.

The German anthropologist Hein Roth found a very interesting phenomenon in the experiment: newly hatched goslings instinctively follow behind it at the first sight of his mother, but if it is not the first to see his mother, but other moving objects, it will automatically follow. What is more important is that once this goose has formed following response on an object, it can not be formed on other objects following reaction, forming the following response is irreversible. This phenomenon was later referred to by another German behaviorist Lorenz as “imprinting effect””. The imprinting effect is not uncommon in the human world.

Often with alcohol Wholesale jerseys authentic and gambling with people, you can not aggressive; often with a human and personal gain, you will not be practical; and regular dialogue full of complaints of people, you will be full of complaints; often with a head full of “money” words to people, you will become a mercenary, unscrupulous people to express.

Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together. What kind of friend, indicates what kind of future. If your friend is positive, you may become a positive person, if you want better, your friend must be better than you, because only they can provide you with successful experience. If you always do the same thing with a group of people, your growth is obviously limited.

Man is a kind of animal, everyone has their own circle of people. The difference is that some small circle, some people circle; some people circle high energy, low energy and some people circle; some jerseys supply center business circles, some people will not run circle; some people rely on the circle, some people from both successful in the official career, the circle of shoestring, accomplish nothing.

No matter how big your circle, the real impact on you, drive you, you will not be more than eight or nine people, or even less, usually only about three or four people. Your daily mood is good or bad, often with only a few people, your circle is generally limited by these people.

Therefore, make friends and what kind of person, and what kind of people form a sphere of influence, and what kind of person is composed of circles, is actually a very serious, we should seriously think about and treat the problem, even one thing most of your life.