When I was How poor is the browns jerseys young, I always think on sale transformation mother go to the supermarket, carefully read each commodity price tag, and often with a loud voice, selling fruit on the roadside hawkers and caring Maling a few cents, that is “woman” in a manner exclusive, I swear in the future, must not old true inheritance.

But the time has come to this year, if you take life freeze, will find a lot of time I, than simply “women”, “women” is obviously anxious to use the magnifying glass, saw the price of each item, but also at the time of checkout, the cheek and the cashier said, “oh, this I did not expect so expensive, is not it, oh, sorry sorry……” Even after the checkout, annoyed to think, if you wait until the weekend morning, when farmers market to buy, is not a lot cheaper.”

Now I, that twist the forehead very careful in reckoning expression, and more than a dozen years ago in the street and the greengrocer shouting mom, all at the same price and her ability to talk rapidly and piercing eye, the bargain, I honestly not only inherited, even better than her.

More than a dozen years ago that holding the shoulder stand by a jerseys different color bargain war girl, where the cool temper go? Oh, she’s got a few slap in the face of life, and then fell into the mire several times, and then the reality was polished clean.

When I first went abroad, had a very bitter day, then write down these experiences, has also become a book with your tolerance and support, this kind of love, let me have been overwhelmed by an unexpected favour.

In the whole process of creation, the poor life, all sigh while recall, there will always be written down, because it had too long to eat instant noodles, once appear in my mind, I will let the anti stomach, the drafty once lived in a rented house. In the mind, and let me feel it again in the memory of the cold.

One day to see users a message, the heart lonely, he said, “see you write once every day only eat instant noodles, don’t you want to educate young people do?” Soon after, a friend replied, “but it was a tough time for people to make the best choices.”

I wipe the tears on the screen, almost cried out, there are two kinds of “I know”, one is because of “good”, and the other is because “experienced”.


I have no complaint jerseys different size without prejudice to the poor, a person alone had no relatives abroad, no friends, in a strange land, by his own hands re build their own life, too poor a calm, a poor taste.

From a holiday visa to work hard to work abroad, it is bound to be the most money for a few years, must be independent economic determination, so that my life is particularly difficult.

At that time I always change the place of residence, from cheap house moved to cheaper house, the trunk is always put in the corner, in a semi open state, because maybe what time, we must move to another place.

I often go to the supermarket called Reduced to Clear, where the sale of food because of close to or beyond the shelf life, the price is very cheap. I have a week back to home canned instant noodles milk, on the “Chinese what did not eat.” lucky attitude, through a day and one day.

I hardly go shopping, occasionally with friends to buy clothes, buy jewelry also put the wallet cover entirely absorbed, and did not dare to eat out, but always go outside the restaurant decoration elegant, affectation at several times, as the poor students enjoy the art of.

I am the most luxury items is a 96 NISSAN car, it took me to the cheap supermarket, gas station, take me to school and work place, in this noisy world, as I pick out a piece of land, is my most intimate partner and well behaved, but he does not close the tight gate, and a week to cheer the tyres, but it also braved the risk of a strike at any time.

I like a girl, put a few pieces of clothes to wear all year round, open recognition x hand car, not by the contempt of others. Then the class equal countries, there are people that others of various grades and ranks.

The restaurant owner, from time to time out of something, drink from my guest, to the helpless girls who take cheap, rich reading together at the same table, your nose to avoid me fumes, some boys have a good chat, also like to hide from me, lest I fall in love with they or they fall in love with me, then I become a green card, no no net worth of the “burden” a girlfriend.

Poor so that I can not find their own kind, some hobbies also became the rejection reason, “obsessed with reading” is a noble behavior in the rich class, the poverty class became “X” performance, I always inadvertently from the side face of the people who read this kind of look, a no background no green card no beauty girl, also count on reading to change the fate of not?

I do not believe it, I do not believe that I have to be in this poor, toss their own ability.


As Sanmao said, “with vigour and vitality love, lay down to read.” I try to get up, but also a little “the whole world behind” means, I desperately to make money, desperately reading, that is not working in the past few years, that is.