What I’m going to talk I have to work home to about today is cheap nfl jerseys a normal life a story about fairness. Just as many people look back, do not know why someone with friendship, I have a thought that “this person told me the eight pole could not beat”.

At that time the high placement of Arts, Lin came to our class.

Lin is a rare beauty. The first time I saw the forest, he saw her eyes uninhibited. That is a Bay shallow lake, and the like has set off waves.

Learned from a groundless talk, narrow and ridiculous call Lin in junior high school is grade on the famous “bad girl” – I was given; among a bunch of boys let the teacher have a headache, skip, drink, puppy love, crazy things done, how can it learn.

And I was a junior high school teacher favorite model students. Many people in the jerseys different nfl size frenzy of rebellious age, my life is still in the classroom, papers and books, never disturbed. For me, the logical admitted to high school is the inevitable outcome of the top class.

Lin and I have a junior high school. We entered the high school with the senior high school entrance examination scores of the forest, the family of the rich it is self-evident.

I have a young heart, that is afraid to live with people, because their days too pale. No story I fear these have a life full of sensual fun to go home.

A first test, because the result is among the best, I and several other students name, score, photos are printed on the teaching building of the corridor bulletin board, with striking red background.

You know, the school always in some way to get you the most fantastic ugly photos, beside the mark of your honor, carefully for you posted in the most conspicuous place for people to visit, “”.

It was a Monday in November, air cool. After morning exercises, we have to rush to the teaching building. Some big boys huddled together with interest to visit the usual vacant bulletin board — probably escaped morning exercises, to be found in wanderings.

They seem to be in the top of the girls to see what the deal, a group of people unbridled laugh. Lin has a good relationship with the boys. The same Alice morning exercises, from the canteen back she approached the lazy boys.

“What are you laughing at?”

A boy explained: “you see, the third is the father!”

“No?! Are you kidding me?”

“Haha, I can’t believe it. I have a picture of her shot down, go back to the father, this boy knows he and a fatso name but also his mother be angry ah!”

After this sentence, a group of boys laugh more exaggerated. They probably don’t think the event itself was funny, just like in the forest in cheap jerseys nfl online front of outstanding girls, is what want to do something to impress her.

The forest through the crowd, standing before the bulletin. Boys behind a hubbub each other by using the mobile phone photos, Lin suddenly made a fire.

“Give me my phone.”

She said to the boy who answered her question. The mood is calm, but it is cold.

Then she took the phone and deleted the picture.

“Others good results also hinder you? Fucking boring.” Finish saying to leave.

That is my father.

There was no division of Arts and Sciences, Lin is still in regular classes. The story is told by a friend of mine who happened to pass by.

I knew her when I first saw her. She knows me, but I don’t speak.

And I can become friends, there are two main reasons, the first thing we were randomly assigned to a long-term study group, because I “is a love of the aura of fat (long after she give me reason), we became a long table. From time to time with bicker, tell jokes.

The second point is that our class most human sinus pry pry open, but I belong to open a little over, often flying little girls thought. I told Lin occasionally discuss “bumpy road of love”, in the boring school life is interesting.

For a long time, I showed the young blindness and ignorance.


As a fat weight and performance as ranked in the top three of the class, I sixteen years old not to worry about your body, it is the so-called “love daily fantasy adventure”.

In this regard, Lin often mocked me: girl heart, not to be bullied.

I have some time with a senior technician frequently, gradually to Lin talk about him.

I poker-faced talking about his thoughtful and considerate and refined and courteous and rain forest, what will remind me to take my umbrella, I urged my cold medicine it, call in the evening, ambiguous to say “no what special things, just want to hear your voice, let me no peace.”.

I knew him — I have described, concern, if there are three times, that is from the thirty cold in carry out ah. I was very discreet, Lin never to say his name.

Lin said she had the same problem. She in ZiXiKe quietly put the headset plugs to me, inside the AFineFrenzy AlmostLover, this song has a good Chinese name, not lovers.

We have a period of time to listen to this song every self-study class, until Lin’s cell phone was paid up by the teacher in charge.