I am Gigi. I work in the dream of the “American team” cowboy.

I graduated from high school in 2006 to study in the United States, since 2006 has been watching Rugby like the Dallas cowboy, favorite player is Jason Witten.

At the age of fifteen, I graduated from junior high school and eventually chose to study abroad for various reasons. Chance coincidentally came to Dallas to study in high school. My high school is called Coppell High School. Like the Dallas Cowboys, our football team is called Coppell Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys used to train on our high school grounds, and the Dallas High School League playoffs were held at the home of the Dallas Cowboys. The first football game of my life was the Coppell Cowboys. The first NFL game was the Dallas Cowboys jerseys.

As described in the TV series Friday Night Lights, Texas people love Rugby more than anything else, and high school leagues are the most important thing to do here on Friday.

Since then, I have been going to school football games almost every Friday, whether on the road or at home. Every Sunday, I watch NFL live with my friends. This habit has continued to this day.

I went to college and started playing with my friends because I liked rugby. Because I was more competitive, I looked up a lot of information and read a lot of news about players. I used to only know cowboy players, but now all the teams in the League know something about them.

Because of the relationship between tutoring them and getting to know several college players, I found out through them that no matter who, as a football player, NFL is the stage of their dreams, and everyone is working towards that goal.

Even if the chances of getting into the NFL are slim, every player will fight desperately for his or her goal, for the chance to go to the NFL.

After entering the cowboy, it was discovered that this is not only a team, but also a brand.

My job is in the commodity sales department, and the Dallas Cowboys are the only NFL team jerseys that can make their own products. Cowboy’s Logo is a trademark, and anyone who wants to use this logo must be approved by the cowboy.

My job is to do a good job in every factory inspection, and because we have many cooperating factories in China, I can often go home because of work.

Liking football really gave me a lot of unexpected opportunities: lots of connections from work to social life.

What impressed me most was the Christmas prosthesis in 2016, when I first went to the bathroom and happened to meet Jason Witten waiting for his wife at the door. I was so nervous that I said, “Van Tessy chose you. Please help me get more battles…” Witten told me that very few girls could play Fantasi, and he would try to score for me.

Rugby, including NFL, is actually a male-dominated industry, with players and employees mostly male.

Cowboys have a much higher proportion of female employees than any other team, with 40% of the 200 employees being women, and 40% of them being the only Chinese Dallas cowboys jerseys girl.

So I want to tell all girls, not only boys can understand the ball, can enter the NFL work, girls can also be.