Go on the road I tried so hard because I felt backache black cardinals jerseys sale beside you, so opened a massage parlor door.A fork in the road massage hospital is located in the county hospital Front Gate opposite, lush flowers wrapped in the 7, 8 square meters of the house, the house is like looking gray short was caught in a high-rise building in the building room, open the door, just like “vocal mimicry” on display in “a table and a chair a fan a rotary foot.” Small house, 3 masters of the blind massage acupuncture points with the elbow in the customer back.

I just made a very slight sound, they were surprised to hear, pause, a boy looks the youngest side asked me: what do you want to do?

He cut flat, wearing a white gown the eyelids droop, although strong eyes make out of the crevice, but you still can from their bow on the floor,jerseys supply center clutching the bed boards carefully look that they are blind.

Because of long time writing, there has been some cervical ossification, then sat down on the sofa for a while, for the occupation reason, will observe their movements to look, the oldest one, look back about more than and 50 years of age, some tissue, so each with an action, to try to make straight squared his shoulders, like carp like the body, the middle age nervous grabbed a towel to shoulder stand in 2 forms, from time to time waiting for the call, he is an apprentice, can only go to start. Flat head boy forehead oozing sweat, massage is a very difficult job, plus out nearly 40 degree heat attack attack, have infiltration back all wet t-shirt.

Finally my turn, the young boy smiled, covered with a towel on the bed, he had just finished a customer, 1 hours continuously without rest, the rush greeted me, but I have some to ask him: “do not have a rest?” The boy wiped the sweat, “Okay, accustomed to”.

A habit is a very dedicated work quality behind.

In the massage gap, he has been and I take it, sometimes meihuazhaohua, asked where I was, what I heard, after Xinjiang, is to conceal the voice in the excitement, I asked the Kanas Lake in the end there is no monster, I haven’t seen.

Where is the snow capped mountains are covered with Months and years pass by. not to melt the snow? Listen to me, open the door can see the snow capped jerseys china factory mountains in the distance, and the eagle hovering in the sky, the mountain is a wolf ha bear hidden footprint, I told him how to use the minority tribes plum fox hunting.

“Winter horses because the soles of the feet shod, so afraid of slippery, the hunters on horseback, surrounded by dogs before and after steaming, whip playing in the horse’s ass, saw the fox hunting dogs barking to catch it early trap — a plum blossom shape stakes, because there is no fox nail palm, so slipped and fell in the round of paralysis in the plum whine, experienced hunters will manipulate the horses, leaped into the air on Fox, without destroying the integrity of the stripped down fur, fur, even a little blood are not sticky.”

He listened to the more strange, and asked me in other cities of knowledge, as primary school teachers to learn the same, asked me to write what book, where can I read? I thought he could not see, how to read, but still concerned about not open, he seems to want to dispel my concerns, like the bag out of the phone, as long as the MP3 format, I can hear!”

He also gave me the exchange of his story, because the perennial contact many of the guests, he said as long as the traffic accident, which road shop, what can be the first hearsay, he heard. Never offend a taxi driver and the blind Master, they are living in mobile radio, as long as people press play, they can not change the advertised, for the business of your bed at night had a son, he may know more than you.

Before going home, he added my QQ, he said he was interested in literature, but can you ask me, I would not mind.

Two or three days later, someone jitter QQ, his tone Binbin, how can the blind to use for mobile phone and chat QQ, has been a mystery in my heart, I visited the curiosity of his QQ stereo space, he floated out.

A talk, he was holding a potted flower, smile exceptionally bright, remarks “happy smile, bright sun lit up half his shoulders.

In his album, is he to Saudi Arabia, Hongkong, Spain, Chile, Malaysia, Thailand travel photos, more than 2 thousand photos, more everywhere his hearty smile, although some vague shot he took some of the scene, only a half point, because the cause of missing, so his many photos are shot just passable.

How can a blind man see the cross of the desert? Saudi Arabia’s photo, sand smoke rampant live vine half his trouser legs, surrounded by the vast Gobi desert, driving several hours to see a village. We Wholesale jerseys authentic hope Jia – western Saudi Arabia athill Plateau belongs to the Mediterranean climate, and other large areas of the subtropical desert climate. Hot and dry summer, more than the highest temperature is 50 degrees centigrade; that summer, if 30 minutes without water body will enter a state of shock dehydration.