Changchun Icebreaker: The History of the Northeast Grassroots Team

American football is gaining momentum in the country, but there are fewer teams in the North, and there are only a handful of teams in the Northeast. In the autumn of 14 years, Jilin University established the American Warrior American football team. After three years of wind and rain, in April 2017, the original players basically left the team. The existing staff of the team decided to form the club and began recruiting social players. The official name was changed to Changchun. The Icebreaker American Football Club jerseys is meant to break the ice of Changchun’s native American football.

In the fall of 14 years, the team had fewer than 10 people, and the personnel continued to change. It has gradually developed to more than 20 people today, and this year has the team’s first American coach. Due to the non-profit and self-funded nature of the team, our recruiting range has gradually stepped out of the campus, targeting social players with more solid economic foundations, and actively establishing cooperative links with the major fitness venues in Changchun and neighboring cities. Next, the team will continue to develop full-equipped players to prepare for the team’s first game, and welcome people from all walks of life in Changchun to pay attention, participate, and engage in (base).

For the Changchun Icebreaker football team, the first game has not yet appeared, we are full of yearning, in this bitter cold, the pace of this sport development is really very difficult. Although the team system is still immature, we have a serious attitude and time will prove everything. So far, there are 22 fixed players and 10 sets of equipment. It is doomed that there is no bench player in a game. The team members come from various universities in Changchun City, and there are also working people who work hard in all walks of life. Everyone comes from different backgrounds, but they meet in a team.

Although Changchun is a provincial capital, the extent of accepting new things is still slow, but we are still full of hope for this sport. The Northeasters are like this. They like to have fun in the bitterness. They like to seek hope in the predicament. The icebreaker gets its name. We are in the icy land of rugby, but we never considered giving up. We have to use our enthusiasm to knock the rugby team of Changchun.

This summer, we finally successfully formed the team’s first complete offensive line and made a big step towards our first game. We are very much looking forward to our first game, because we know that it is hard to get involved. Everyone who has gone from the beginning of the team to the present knows the team’s hardships from zero to the present. Every nfl game jerseys we treat will be as passionate as the first game. If you use words to describe the first game, I will use it, look forward to it, passion, and cherish it. Regardless of winning or losing, the process is more important than the outcome, because we learned to cooperate in the process, understand the group, and make brothers. In each collision, I learned to give my back to my brother, a kind of trust that no other sport can understand. Waiting for us, one day we will be branding our mark here.