Today I want to talk If you have no browns football jerseys about the experience don’t spend of a friend, but also an inspirational story. Before, I have a feeling: This is down, a lot of side expert but I do not assimilate, ah! And said this friend for China. In 2003 miss China, she told me the university students live in a dormitory, but not the students in our class, but to further study. Because they are Hunan people, so familiar with faster. The second to become very good friends.

China is very simple, in the middle of a director also often do we do with the bus, roadside stalls to eat, but also with the students flat-share house. Sometimes very tired, I want to take a taxi, she also took me to the subway or something. Always disagree, think everyone likes the way of life is not the same.

Later, I became friends with some of her colleagues at work, she is our leader, often travel together and get along more time. Slowly know, China was good, can be said to be very good. Dad is the Secretary of the Hunan city municipal Party committee (young is a session of secretary of provincial Party committee secretary, was sent to the place of exercise, because love miss China mummy, give back to the province, is also a chance) Mom Bureau leadership team members. China at the age of 20 in Hunan, Ouyang Changlin had been her direct leadership, with her colleague jerseys china for promotion Ma Hao has the same batch of Hunan satellite TV entertainment production. This can become Hunan Taiwan Entertainment Department for the opportunity, China chose to study in Beijing. And then start looking for the opportunity to talk about the life of the project.

I’ve seen her jerseys at best discount on how to write programs to customers early in the morning, I experienced her in order to save money to two people flat-share live in their own small attic, I laughed at her non-stop day mobile phone. I also asked China: so hard to talk to customers, why not use the appropriate resources to dad? China’s answer is only one sentence: the child after the age of 18 to support themselves. If there is no money, do not buy clothes, buy shoes, buy these useless and vain things.

I don’t know how many people in the Wolong Pavilion can be financially independent after the age of 18. I don’t know how many people can do without money not enjoy what, don’t ask others for help, until their fight to the first pot of gold. I know I can’t do it, I can’t do it. But it can’t stop I admire china. Can’t stop when I want to spend money and then think of Miss China, immediately becomes a reason. Haha, if she still miss China Education for me, she will be in the United States smile into a flower.

Now China how successful I don’t want to say too much. (said to be afraid of being afraid of being taken off “) I just talk to me, talk about us. I do not know a lot of things, I can not do a lot of things. Sometimes I may never be the one I admire. But don’t let go of everything that seems to learn from them.

You have to be the same. Perhaps with the China occupation is not the same, perhaps anxious in the job on the road, perhaps depressed shine in a can’t work. But please understand that happiness is not nike nba jerseys top quality so easy a thing, appropriate to their own harsh. Please do not feel depressed about the present situation, come up with the courage to spend money, you do not want to spend money to earn!