50 years ago If you want cardinals baseball jerseys, there was an afraid of failure American named Canali, who runs a grocery store. Young Canali told his parents, since the operation has not been successful for so many years, it should change a train of thought, think of other ways. There are several universities near his home.

Canali thought, there was nobody in the neighborhood who opened a pizza house. He opened a pizza house across from his grocery store. He put the pizza bakery decorated with exquisite warm, very much in line with the characteristics of the students speak elegant atmosphere. Less than a year, Canali’s Pizza became near cuisines, are full of customers every day. He opened two more stores, and the business was good. DJ dance

Canali’s appetite, he nonstop in Oklahoma and opened two stores. But soon, a bad news nfl jerseys Free Shipping came, his two branches serious losses. At first, he prepared 500 copies in one store, and half the pizza was sold. Later, he prepared 200, or a lot of left. In the end, he simply prepared 50 copies, which is a number of rent is not enough, still not. Finally, only a few people a day to visit the scene also appeared. The same pizza, the two cities have the same university, why in Oklahoma failed?

He soon discovered the problem, two city students there is a huge difference in the diet and taste, in the decoration and he had the wrong paste formula above. He quickly corrected his business and soon prospered. In New York, he had trouble. He made a detailed market survey, but that is not always the opening pizza later, he found that the real reason is to sell pizza tastes not the hardness. He went on to study the new formula, changing the hardness, and finally pizza became a New York breakfast. About friendship:

From the first pizza shop, 19 years later, Canali’s pizza shop in the United States, a total of 3100, worth $more than 300 million.

Canali said, whenever I went to a city to open a new store, 9/10 is a failure, finally after the failure of success is because I never thought back, but positive thinking failure, trying to think of new ways. Because you are not sure when to succeed, you must learn to fail.

The same is true of life, in jerseys factory nfl supply order to succeed, we must first learn to fail. As long as you keep knocking on the door, the door will open.

“Please don’t open the wrong window

A little girl lying in the window, looking out the window is buried in her beloved dog, can not help but burst into tears, grief. Her grandfather rushed, quickly led her to another window, let her enjoy his rose garden. Sure enough, the little girl’s mood suddenly clear. The old man hold granddaughter’s chin and said: “my child, you open the wrong window.” Tip 7: open the window next to the failure, perhaps you will see the hope.

The secret of long life

30 years ago, a young man left his hometown and began to create his own future. His first stop was to visit the patriarch of the family and ask for directions. The old patriarch is practicing calligraphy, he heard one of the younger group began to embark on the journey of life, wrote 3 words: don’t be afraid. Then he looked up, watching the young man said: “the child, the secret of life is only 6 words, I’ll tell you 3, life is good enough for you.” 30 years later, the former young man is middle-aged, with some achievements, but also a lot of sad things. Long way to home, he went to visit the chief. He came to the house, only to know that the old man died a few years ago, the family took out a sealed envelope, said: “this is the patriarch left to you, he said that one day you will come back.” Return to the home is like, 30 years ago he heard here half the secret of life, opened the envelope, inside out is 3 characters: do not regret. Tip 8: do not be afraid of middle-aged, middle-aged do not regret. Inspirational Entrepreneurship

The driver test

A large company is preparing to hire a car driver at a high salary, after layers of screening and examination, only three of the best technical competitors. The examiners asked them: “there is a gold cliff, you open a car to take, that can almost from the cliff and not falling?” “Two meters.” The first theory. Half meter.” The second one said with assurance. “I will try to stay away from the cliff, as far as possible.” Third position theory. As a result, the company admitted third. Tip 9: don’t and the temptation of war, but nfl jerseys online should as far as possible. Classic inspirational quotes

The lion and antelope.

Every day, when the sun comes up, the animals on the African savannah begin to run. The lion mother is teaching her children, “you must run faster, child, and hurry up. If you run the slowest antelope, you will starve to death.” In another venue, the antelope mother in the education of their own children: “my child, you must run faster, then faster, if you can not than the fastest lion to fast, then you will be sure they eat.