“Please tell me what to do?! I want to struggle to see some people say that comfort is a blessing, should I’m going to be ambitious to gather not have too much ambition. I want to be stable when some people say that the young people do not struggle is silly X, I in the end how to do?”When I received the call is not forced, because I remember a few days ago looks like lemon to tell me bc eagles football jerseys all that she decided to go to Beijing travel, said he is actually a very good idea, I also wish her success.I hesitated for a moment, I do not know how to appease her emotions, had to quietly listen to her with tears in the cavity to talk, long distance calls for more than half an hour, I understand where she lies.

The girl came to Beijing after the work of an Internet start-up company, the bc eagles football jerseys all salary is good, that is, fewer people, but also to fight for the next round of financing of the crucial stage, had to be a person when two people. Colleagues all tired but she has a Voices of discontent., in this fast-paced way of life.

In her words: “I think I love this feeling of fullness, and I also want to become more niubi.” She found the long lost pleasure in such work, want to learn more things to do more work.

But it is her energetic state of work, but to other colleagues left the girl this bc eagles football jerseys all girl is very aggressive, very ambitious, not a good view.

At first she was not aware of the work atmosphere is more and more nervous, until bc eagles football jerseys all one day, one of her colleagues want to leave, two days of work not completed, she was assigned to help, early on that string taut hum broken — the colleague suddenly leave angrily. She said without help, don’t leave.

Although the girl feel puzzled, but also did not say anything. Later, when the bc eagles football jerseys all lunch break, she went to the toilet convenience, but inadvertently heard this colleague is talking with several other colleagues, are not very good evaluation.

The stamp of her heart, a colleague said: “don’t look at her young age, great ambition be! Wish we all die alone for her! Is not afraid to put himself to death!”

Some of her grievances brought to me crying voice: “I did not do anything bc eagles football jerseys all ah! I usually try to get along well with them… Why be said to have ambition…”

I heard the girl crying on the scalp, then quickly changed the subject back to the sentence: “but why do you say because of being ambitious feel uncomfortable?”

She seems to be a little bit not understand, ask me what do I mean.

All right, I mean:

Why can’t you feel the overweeningly ambitious?

Why has the ambition to become a mocking taste words?

Why do young people have some ambition will not weigh the amount of pounds bc eagles football jerseys all joke no big or small?

Why most people live a mediocre day in and day out but proud?

Because we are the people who grew up listening to the story of Kong Rong’s story.

Have they told us “do not fight, do not grab”, the children know humility bc eagles football jerseys all is a good child. Because of our emphasis on “non indifferent to Ming” realm, only talk about fame called elite talent. We think that capital comes with obvious malicious, we believe that the material success is bloody, lest we expressed the desire, so we are silent, but when people express desire silently hate jealousy.

We have the ambition to avoid it, but we fear that others get.

Is ambition really a shameful thing?

I think not.

Discussion on “big city or small city” a few days ago very warm, is roughly about why young people love the north of Guangzhou rather than back home problems.

I think that, in large part because of the north of Guangzhou city such as to bc eagles football jerseys all attract young people is that it is more inclusive, more can hold multiple values, because the city is vast, it allows young people to do the things you want to do, it’s the dream, also have ambition.

Ambition is not terrible, it is only that we expect to reach a higher standard, to complete a higher challenge, it is not even special.

In other words, the ambition is to cultivate the dream of the most fertile soil, if bc eagles football jerseys all stay in a safe and comfortable place, want to realize the dream of strength is not different from the dream is just fantasy finally tell some fantastic tales.

Facebook’s founder, Zuckerberg, the world’s leading young and promising. His FB page Favoritequotation column to write this sentence: “Fortunefavorsthebold.”, Chinese translation is “fortune favors the brave”, this sentence from the ancient epic of Rome Aeneid, said Troy is overweeningly ambitious warrior Aeneas kaijiangtuotu, the Empire’s story. You see, both past and present, ambition is a prerequisite for success.

I wrote an article before, called “I just like ease, don’t you?” “Tell me a story bc eagles football jerseys all about a friend of mine.

So there are a lot of readers to ask me, a comfortable and hard to fight in bc eagles football jerseys all the end what you want to say.

I just want to say, you make your choice, and be responsible for your choice. I don’t agree with your young choice safe, but I swear to defend your right to freedom of choice.